Fun and activities which span the generations.

Fun and activities which span the generations.



Becoming an older family is never an easy process.
As your kids go through their teenage years, they are likely to become very detached from family life, and everyone’s interests will drift further apart. It becomes a challenge to find activities everyone can enjoy, with TV show selection being hard enough on its own.
Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right effort, you can find loads of fun activities to appeal to all ages.




A lot of teenagers will make it very hard to go on a trip based on learning and information. They are at the age where they prefer to be entertained.

It will be a challenge to find a place which appeals to everyone in the family, and the kids may simply reject the idea altogether.

This is where modern museums come in. There are museums for art, music, sports, the film industry, etc.

There are loads of examples of places like this designed to appeal to wider groups of people.

With exhibits from a variety fields and interests, it should be easy to get find something everyone can enjoy.


Escape rooms.


Keeping a teenager happy is often a simple matter of keeping them occupied.

Find an activity which gives them something to do, while also encouraging them to engage with the rest of the family.

An escape room (or puzzle room or escape game) can be perfect for this. Everyone can immerse themselves in a fantasy situation through role play, game play or other fantasy play.

This can involve solving puzzles and challenges together, making it perfect for families in need of some team building.




At this stage in your child’s life, they will be listening to music which resonates and which will stay with them forever. Becoming familiar with their musical interests should be a simple matter of just paying attention and listening.

Find artists or musicians you all like and buy DVDs or book tickets for a concert.

Music has been bringing people together for hundreds of years, and is perfect for families and friends alike.


Family game night.


Something new.


When you’re looking for something which can keep the whole family happy, one of the best routes is to pick something which none of you have tried before.

Luck-based activities even the playing field and span the generations. Activities which are skill-based are opportunities for learning and mentorship. 

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start looking at new ways to appeal to your teenager when you’re arranging family activities.


At this point in their life, they are becoming their own person and need space to grow and develop their personality. This doesn’t mean that they have to be left out of the fun.


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