Have a garden haven in mind? Here’s how to pick the right garden furniture.

Have a garden haven in mind? Here’s how to pick the right garden furniture.


There are a lot of choices when it comes to garden furniture. That only serves to make finding the right furniture for your garden haven even more difficult.

You might not know what you need, what suits your garden or what furniture works well together. With that in mind, here is how to pick the right garden furniture for you.

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Every garden needs some chairs. How can you sit comfortably in your garden enjoying the sun and fresh air if you don’t have any in place?

Among the types of garden furniture to be considered are standard garden chairs or something a bit different like a garden couch or bench.

It’s hard to not find what suits you since there are so many different styles and themes to choose from.

If the appearance of your garden is most important, then comfort might not be a consideration.

For a Victorian style garden you could opt for wrought iron bistro table and chairs.

If you prefer a modern garden that is of a minimalist design, then you are more likely to choose furniture of a sleek, industrial design.

To create a homey, comfortable gathering and conversation area, comfort will be your first consideration.

Large, roomier furniture with plush cushions, and utilitarian but attractive tables will be best.




All gardens need at least one table, but again choose a table to match the decor or theme you decide upon.

During the summer, you will likely want to sit outside. A large table will turn this nook into a place for you to relax and work on anything you like. This is in addition to having  area for parties and BBQs, or perhaps playing cards or other games.

Your table could either match or complement your chairs. Sometimes a littcomfortable seatingle experimentation is worth it and you can break one or two rules.

If your garden is more natural and has plenty of plants of varying sizes and styles, then a wooden table with a rustic finish would accentuate the style of your garden.

Be sure to follow the manufacturers’ instructions for maintaining your garden furniture in winter in order to have it for as long as possible. Protecting it from the harsh elements is crucial.




Get your garden ready for fall with these top tips.

Novelty furniture includes the sorts of things that don’t necessarily fall into what you might generally think of when considering garden furniture.

For example, your yard might have a very large tree with sturdy branches on which you can install a swing.

Thick, sawed logs can be very useful for seating around a fire. You don’t have to worry about embers damaging it and it can be pulled in for extra seating when needed.

A good height is a range between 26 inches and 32 inches. Perhaps cut a variety of heights. After all, we’re all of different heights – are we not?


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