Gardening: The kids are out and the orchids are in.

Gardening: The kids are out and the orchids are in.


It’s always sad to see our little children grow up and leave home.


We’ve nurtured them and watched them evolve into young, free-thinking, intelligent adults, but independence is something everyone craves at some point. It’s time to let them fly the nest, whether they’re off to university or a new job on the other side of the country.


This is a new chapter in their life…   and a brand new one in yours too!


Nobody’s saying you’re excited for freedom (of course they’re not), but now the home is yours once more. Why not make the most of it?

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Repurposing your child’s bedroom into a games room or a party room is one thing, but you needn’t stop there.

That back garden which has been the play area for your child or children over the course of many years is finally yours. You can now transform it from a football pitch into a beautiful little patch of tranquility and greenery.

Of course, this is too much freedom all at once. You likely have no idea where to begin, so here are some top tips for those of you eager to get on with redesigning your garden for the child-free life.


Relaxing in Garden

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Out with the old.


No stone should be left unturned.

Your garden has been a play pit for years, but now you’re going to show it some love.

For starters, those old, beat up, rusty football posts can be taken to the dump, as can the neglected half-punctured footballs littering the lawn.

Even once you’ve dealt with the manmade mess around your garden, you’ve still got the unruly mess of nature to handle.

Pulling out weeds is quite straightforward, but you could look into experts such as those at Henry’s tree service company to help you with the bigger task of cutting down trees which have grown sick or a little untamed in your backyard.

Essentially, you want to be creating a blank canvas for yourself to work on as the artist of your new, sophisticated paradise.


Out with the old and in with the new

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Turn the hideout into a patio.


Now you’ve removed what was perhaps a tangled mess of leaves, branches or other mess that classified as a kids’ play area once upon a time, you can create your own adult “hideout” in the form of a beautiful patio overlooking your new, cleaner garden.

Adding this homey touch to your outdoor space will give you, at long last, the chance to relax in your garden without worrying about kids running around and muddying the nice woodwork or interfering with a quiet evening gazing out at nature.



Garden focal point

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Add a unique focal point.


This could be something as trivial and tame as a wind chime blowing in the summer breeze or it could be something as extravagant and mesmerizing as a fountain in the center of your garden.

Either way, combining nature with something manmade and moderately lavish is a great way to add character and a homey feel to your outdoor space.


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