Get ahead in your career.

Get ahead in your career.


Your career is your life, and you are going to spend the majority of your time dedicated to and working for it.
There are numerous reasons to work hard to get ahead in your career.


For one, the money could be worth it once all the effort has been put in. Putting the effort in makes you noticed when advancement opportunities come around.

And secondly, it helps to keep an already boring aspect of your life pretty interesting, especially if your career is doing something you love.

Your career is something you should value and do your best in. 


Get ahead in your career.

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Make it your forever career.


It’s really important to think about this when starting your career.

While you might like it for the time being, is it something that you actually want to do in the long term? Or, better yet, is it something you love.

Considering the amount of work and personal sacrifice it takes to stay ahead in your career, your chances of success are much greater if you love what you do.

Your chosen career should be one that you love going to in the morning, and that suits you in terms of hours and pay, life balance and advancement opportunities.

It will be much easier to focus on your career, and you’ll actually find ways to make sure that you’re staying ahead of the game.

A good way to test the compatability of your chosen field, volunteer for a time before committing money and time to education.

An example is our daughter’s goal of a career in forest or wildlife management. She’s volunteering a considerable amount of her time and resources at a wildlife rehabilitation center.

She has learned that her instincts were right, and she loves the work.


Never stop learning.


Volunteering your time helps confirm whether your chosen field is right for you, in addition to demonstrating commitment to your chosen career and learning on the job.

It would also be a good idea to take any courses necessary to upgrade your training and ensure you will be accepted to the college or university of your choice.

An example would be to take training in human resources management, internet commerce, and virtual team management to have a career in virtual administration or e-commerce.


Workplace relationships


Make friends, not enemies.


Every work environment contains a mix of people with varying personality types.

Know which you work best with and foster friendly relationships with them.

Demonstrate your commitment to your work by joining in with the people you work with to foster a happy, active and prosperous workplace.

Making friends in all levels at work will naturally create a network for information and support in the workplace.

Those that value your contributions and cooperation will be the first to speak for you whenever it’s necessary, including recommendations for training, programs, and advancement.


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