Graduation time is not just for our kids: We get to have our fun too, but at what cost?

Graduation time is not just for our kids: We get to have our fun too, but at what cost?


Well, it’s that time of year again when mothers must think of ‘the dress’.
No, not the wedding dress.
We have an opportunity for a rehearsal of the process first, buying a prom dress for high school graduation time.
All the important questions start to repeat over and over – where and when will we find it, how much will it be, and will I like what my daughter picks?


JenJenHouse prom dress Graduation time

Mermaid Sweetheart Floor-Length Taffeta Prom Dress With Beading.

When I noticed the JenJenHouse website’s prom dress page, I couldn’t help thinking back to when Erin graduated at 16. I was so proud of her graduating so early and had a blast helping her pick her grad dress.

At Erin’s graduation time, we decided to shop locally and spent almost the entire day in the store trying on dresses.

Erin's grad prom dress.There were some very nice ones, but none of them were to Erin’s taste. The funny thing was, the dress we eventually settled on was one I had originally shown to her earlier on, but she hadn’t liked it on the rack. Once she tried it on, she fell in love with it.

It was, however, quite expensive at over $600.

I now realize how much less we could have paid for a dress that was probably even nicer on this website.

Erin is a tattoo and zombie loving girl who is partial to a cutting edge style of dressing. She was definitely looking for dresses that were different, yet still ‘girly’.

This dress caught my eye right away. I’m sure she’d have loved it and it’s only $148.99 US.

The only thing is, the dress we bought Erin was great also in the sense that she was able to rework it and wear it again:

Erin the zombie prom queen.

first as a zombie prom queen for halloween…

This is the dress Erin always wanted to create.

…then had the skirt shortened for a dress for clubbing.

Could we have done the same with this pink petal dress on the site? I’m sure it would have been more difficult because of the intricate details on the skirt.

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