Green ambitions? Make your home energy efficient.

Green ambitions? Make your home energy efficient.


Do you have green ambitions? Meet them and make your home energy efficient.
Now’s the time
With the help of today’s technology, we are able to live more green convenient lives. With all these new technologies, it should be easy to be more energy efficient.


However, many people aren’t aware of how they can make an impact.

If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to make a difference, here are some simple ways you can start right in your own home.


Lower your thermostat.


Did you know that simply lowering your thermostat a few degrees can provide significant energy savings while helping the environment?

The best time to take advantage of this is while you’re at work and the house is empty.

Set your thermostat to lower by 10 degrees during the day, and you can save up to 15% on your energy bills.




Excess waste is one of the biggest contributors to our carbon footprint.

We often throw away things that could be easily broken down through composting.

Start a small compost pile in your backyard and save money on your trash bill. Help the environment, and provide your yard with an excellent source of nutrients.


Go with the flow.


Water waste is something that can easily be avoided with a simple upgrade.

Install low-flow showerheads in your bathrooms and invest in an eco-friendly toilet to reduce your daily water waste by almost half. The planet and your wallet will thank you!


Fix leaks.


Dripping faucet.

Unattended cracks, gaps, and leaks around your home can cause significant energy loss over time and make your monthly heating bills soar.

Seal off any excess gaps or leaks around windows and doors by using weather-stripping. It’s a simple, inexpensive way to reduce energy loss.


Update your bulbs.


Incandescent bulbs have become a thing of the past over the past few years. Manufacturers have switched over to more energy-efficient LED and CFL options.

If you’re still using old bulbs in your home, switch them out for newer models and take advantage of considerable savings on your electric bill.




Vampire appliances are electronics that suck electricity from power outlets even when they’re not in use. Prevent unused appliances from using your energy by unplugging they when you’re not home.

To avoid unplugging all your electronics before you leave the house, opt to get a power strip with an on/off switch. Simply turn it to off when you’re about to leave.


Be cool.


Installing foam insulation.

Clothes can get just as clean in cold water as they do in hot. Most of the energy that’s used by your washing machine is to heat up the water.

Avoid using the hot water option in your washer and save big bucks.




You can never have too much insulation in your home.

Add extra insulation to your attic to help seal air leaks while improving your heating and cooling costs.

With proper insulation, you should see a drastic reduction in your monthly energy bill.


Perform an audit.


Performing home energy audits are another way to help lower your monthly expenses and pinpoint areas where you can improve.

Having a professional come into your home to check for gaps in your energy output can help you decide which areas to focus on.

Using these simple tips around your home, you can be more energy efficient. You’ll do your part to help the planet and help your wallet as well.


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