Make changes in your life today for a better tomorrow.

Make changes in your life today for a better tomorrow

  For some people, life only begins after the children leave the nest.   Once retired and your children have moved on, a number of possibilities are available to you. These can include travelling abroad and pursuing your bucket list. However, you can only do this if you’re in a certain condition, both financially and physically.   To have the money and health to live the life you want, make changes in your life today for a better tomorrow.   The first thing you must have to achieve any of your goals is money. You need personal health to have the energy

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Manage your health your way and renovate your life!

getting fit and healthy

  There is no definitive guide or manual on getting fit and healthy. There is no one overarching way to boost one’s health except to manage your health your way.   Everyone has different demands, needs and desires when it comes to their health. So, if one health-boosting technique hasn’t worked for you, don’t be discouraged. Find the health-boosting techniques that are tailor made for you.   To get you started, here are some alternative health-boosting techniques.   Ease into your new healthy lifestyle.   What might have been holding you back from being the healthiest possible version of yourself

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Don’t beat yourself up: You’re not to blame for your broken resolutions.

How meaningful activities can reduce stress.

  So, while the first month of the year is nearly over, it’s time for you to review your achievements – and more important, to check on how those new year’s resolutions are doing.   After all, for a lot of people, the New Year marks the beginning of a period of hope and motivation.   There is no denying it: You want to make the most of the year to come, and that’s precisely what resolutions are for.   The main reason for this common failure in keeping your resolutions is the absence of goal setting. Indeed, if you

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Don’t make a diet resolution: Support food system change | The Good Food Institute

  You probably haven’t met anyone who’s resolved to consume more cheese or processed meat in 2018.   But as we all know, the odds are stacked against consumers who seek to make significant changes in their diets in favor of healthy, humane, and sustainable choices.                                                                      It’s that time of the year again… There are some incredibly useful tools to help people who embark on a

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5 signs your dog is aging: How to better care for your 4-legged friend.

how to better care for your 4-legged friend

Every dog owner knows the hard time that comes when your pet starts to show signs of age. Knowing the signs of aging that can come about as your pet climbs up in years is key to stymieing the steady creep of time: if you know what old age looks like, you can slow its destructive effects and keep your dog comfortable in the meantime. So what age-related effects can you keep an eye out for? Here are 5 signs your dog is aging and some advice about how to better care for your 4-legged friend.   Cloudy eyes. Nuclear

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Pet oral care: Keep your lovely pets around as long as possible.

Pet oral hygiene

  While most pet owners are concerned about pet oral care and hygiene, many others should understand that this is a matter that could possibly have severe repercussions if neglected.   The problem does not end with just the mouth. It goes on to unleash various other medical complications that may, in some cases, prove to be fatal. Pet owners at times may notice a disagreeable odor from their pet and may ignore it. However, the odor may be a sign of oral disease. The fact is that a pet’s oral hygiene is essential for maintaining the overall health of

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Thirteen signs I’m in MENOPAUSE!?


Lately I’ve been asking myself if I could possibly be in menopause. Then, after making this list of symptoms and comparing them with the cartoon at right, I was left in no doubt. In the winter, ALL of the pets cuddle up close. In the summer, NONE of the pets will come near me. I routinely wear antiperspirant like body lotion. I arise from bed in the morning dripping wet, the sheets feeling like they went straight from the washer to the bed. Setting the furnace for my sleep comfort causes others in the household to awake with ice crystals

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I’m one of millions of women in menopause!

Statue called Menopause.

  Women in menopause… Yup! We’re a fun group!   …or at least we used to be! I have been well into menopause a few years now. My husband and children learned to be very adept at surfing the waves of my moodiness, depression, anxiety and stress. It doesn’t help that my mental symptoms are highly exacerbated by my having to retire due to work-related PTSD, anxiety, depression and stress. I’m lucky as far as the common physical symptoms are concerned – especially hot flashes. I rarely experience hot flashes and I’m so thankful for that. I hate dealing with heat at the best of

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