Here’s how stress is killing you.

Here’s how stress is killing you.


Some of you may be sighing after reading that title. “Yeah, we already know that stress is bad for your health.” …and it’s true that the serious harm stress can do to your health is definitely much more widely known than it used to be.


In general, however, a lot of people still don’t know exactly what health problems can be caused by stress. They know that it makes them feel unwell and tired and often sore, and can lead to an early death. Beyond that? People still severely underestimate the danger that stress poses.


Here’s how stress IS killing you.


It’s vital that members of the family know about the dangers of stress. So we’re going to go through a quick list of the most trouble dangers that it poses to your body. This should help highlight the dangers of stress, and encourage you and your family to cast as much stress from your lives as possible!


Heart strain.


This is probably the most widely-known danger when it comes to stress.

Remember that the heart is a muscle, and it responds very acutely to your feelings.

High levels of stress release cortisol, otherwise known as the stress hormone. It causes your heart rate to increase, forcing your muscles to work harder. This leads to long-term increase in blood pressure.

Major stress episodes can lead to sudden heart attacks.


Heart strain.


Weight gain.


It’s true that stress doesn’t lead directly to weight gain, but it can lead to this outcome in two ways.

The first is found in compulsive eating. Eating is often perceived to relieve feelings of stress. This is why scientists recommend you don’t eat dinner while watching the news – bad news increases stress and leads to overeating!

(There’s also the fact that distraction decreases the satisfaction you get from food.) It also exacerbates depression, which can leave people unwilling to exercise.


Stress eating.

Accelerated aging.


Premature aging is a common problem in people who get stressed frequently.

Stress can shorten the lifespan of telomeres – these are the structures found on the end of chromosomes that help protect elements of your DNA. Without them, you age faster.

In fact, the aging effects that stress can have on your body have been compared by many to similar effects people suffer after years of smoking.

So no, don’t go reaching into that pack of smokes when you feel a bit stressed! You may think it will help you, but it really just makes everything worse.


Hair loss.


Many people would consider hair loss to be something that fits under the accelerated aging section, but it really is something that requires its own heading!

Hair loss is much more complex than people think, and if you have chronic stress then there’s a high risk that you’ll develop a problem that will lead to you losing your hair.

People who are suffering from high levels of stress may find items like Propecia tablets for hair loss useful. Of course, any treatments you consider should also be combined with measures to reduce the stress that you’re suffering!


Hair loss.


Disease boosting.


Chronic stress weakens your immune system.

If you’ve ever observed that frequently stressed people are often ill, then this is why!

Ever wondered why you seem to get a cold at the worst time possible? This is because stress does a number on your immune system, but the problem goes way, way beyond the common cold.

Stress can give a number of deadly diseases a massive boost. The agitation and acceleration of lung and heart disease, cirrhosis, and cancer have all been linked to high levels of stress.

If you want to protect yourself against these things, one of the best things you can do is reduce your stress levels. Make it a priority!


Disease boosting.

Disability triggers.


A lot of people see work as something that causes stress. They don’t often see stress as something that can lead to someone not being able to work at all.

Disabilities that have landed people out of work have been linked to high level of stress.

You shouldn’t take this to mean that people, in general, can get so stressed that they can become physically injured, but stress can result in mental disorders and illnesses, and strokes as well as all of the other conditions mentioned.

If severe enough, any of these can lead to an extended, if not permanent inability to work.


It’s important that no-one in your family underestimates the damage that stress can do.

Even children who are exposed to chronic stress can suffer long-term health problems throughout their adulthood.

Thankfully, it’s quite rare that children become quite that stressed for so long! Still, the dangers of stress are something you should always work to keep at bay.


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