Hit by an injury at work? Here’s what to do.

Hit by an injury at work? Here’s what to do.

Being hit by an injury at work later in life is the last thing you want.


It’s bad enough to be affected by an injury at work when you’re young. But, if you’re approaching retirement age, as I was, you are probably using your last years to gather as much money for your private pension as you can.

An injury can seriously affect how much money you can earn, particularly if it leaves you unable to work.

You might say, well, why not just retire early? After all, the kids have left, and you’re going to be retiring in a couple years anyway.

The problem with this logic is that social security is running out.

In less than forty years, it’s entirely possible that no one will receive a government pension. We simply can no longer afford it at a point when the world is so overpopulated. That’s the issue here.

It may very well be the case that what you’ve gathered over the years is all you’re going to have to live on. Even if that’s not true, you want as much money as you can get to make your retirement comfortable.

So, how do you prevent a work injury stopping this?


Report it.


Hit by an injury at work?

Hit by an injury at work?

If you’re injured at work, the first thing that you need to do is report it. Don’t waste a moment wondering whether the accident was your fault and certainly don’t suggest to anyone that it was.

You should head straight to your health and safety officer and make sure the incident is recorded in the log book. They are under legal obligation to do this, and you must make sure it happens.

It’s important there is a paper trail of the accident. If you’re unable to because of your injury, then make sure someone else does this for you.


Get treatment.


You need to see a doctor immediately, even if you think you are fine.

It’s not uncommon for someone who has bumped their head to completely forget it or to never have realized in the first place. If that’s the case, then they could quite easily be suffering from concussion without realizing it.

This severe condition can be life-threatening if left untreated. If you are worried about this condition, blood or liquid dripping from the ears is one of the most prominent signs.

Once you have spoken to the doctor they will advise you on what the injury was and whether you need time off work. If it is more than three days missed work you are entitled to compensation. There are accidental injury lawyers available that specialize in this type of situation.


Contact a lawyer.


This is something I did not do, and in hindsight, it was a huge mistake. Because my disability is the direct result of bullying at work, I honestly did not think I would be off work that long.

However, it’s now been five years and I was forced to take medical retirement, leaving me with a measly pension of only $350 per month.

Had I contacted a lawyer right away, I might have been able to get a financial settlement to help fund my retirement.

If you’re going to be facing time off work, it’s vital that you talk to your lawyer.

This might seem preemptive, but we guarantee your employer will be talking to theirs.

If you don’t have a lawyer research an AI attorney that specializes in workers compensation settlement.

More often than not these types of cases won’t go to trial. They will reach a settlement outside of court, and you’ll get the money you need.

But to do this, a lawyer will need the most accurate account of events you can give.

This often involves speaking to any witnesses and taking pictures of the scene of the accident. You’re entitled to do this and you should.

If you take this advice, you can make sure a work injury does not negatively affect your life in later years.

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