Holiday merrymaking can land you in serious trouble.

Holiday merrymaking can land you in serious trouble.


The holidays are a time to have fun and relax, but they’re also a time when we can find ourselves in a lot of trouble.


Our health can suffer, our finances can go down the toilet, and we can even get into trouble with the law.


Here’s how holiday merrymaking can land you in serious trouble and what to do about it.


Harvard Health: Beware the hazards of holiday eating.


The Harvard Medical School is world famous, and when they speak, people listen.

Most Americans, they say, are aware of the dangers of eating and drinking too much over the holiday season, but they’re far less aware of the many other dangers lurking in their seasonal food.

Every year a staggering 48 million Americans, or about one in seven, develop a foodborne illness that is devastating to their health, many of them falling ill around the new year.

Festive dinners left out on plates are prime real estate for bacteria like salmonella and campylobacter.


Harvard Health: Beware The Hazards Of Holiday Eating


Harvard recommends people take care to avoid cross contamination.

All fresh food will contain some bacteria from the environment. Most of this can be washed off fruits and veggies, but for meat and fish, only cooking will destroy bacteria.

Keep meat and fish separate from fresh produce in your refrigerator.


Psych Central: Keep holiday drinking safe.


Psych Central are a big psychology website and blog. As such, they understand how important it is to keep drinking to a minimum.

Over the holiday period, however, they know that the instances of people drinking go up considerably.

Individuals who drink over the holiday tend to have lower tolerances for alcohol, get drunk more quickly and make more mistakes.

Hazards of holiday drinking.

Often people who drink over the holiday season get pulled over by the police and have to find a DWI attorney nearby who can help them defend against charges.

If convicted, they can get several years in prison as well as a hefty fine.

Psych Central offers advice to holiday drinkers.

They suggest consuming non-alcoholic beverages and having a designated driver before going to any parties and festivities.

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They also recommend that people choose how many drinks they are going to allow themselves ahead of time.

A standard blood alcohol chart shows just how much people can drink before blood alcohol levels become dangerous.


California Pacific Medical Center: Act as if you are on a diet.


One of the problems that the California Pacific Medical Center commonly encounters is the attitude around holiday times that says it’s okay to indulge oneself.

But the problem is that most people are indulging themselves all year round anyway, without even noticing it.

They note that during the holiday season, temptations are a lot higher than they would otherwise be at other times of the year, and so it’s important to be diligent.

Heart attacks and diabetes increase dramatically during the festive seasons, thanks to the toxic combination of fatty, sugary desserts, meat, and alcohol.

Plan to do at least some exercise every day, the medical center suggests, and make exercise a priority.

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