Home maintenance tips it could be costly to ignore.

Home maintenance tips it could be costly to ignore.

Now that the kids have moved out, there’s more time to focus on maintenance and DIY improvements of the house. No longer running the risk of broken windows, much less their own bones from the kids playing outside, you and your house can finally relax.


Before thinking up new updates for your house, you should first focus on routine home maintenance tips to ensure that everything is in working order. Just like with maintaining the family car, the home needs to be well-oiled and ready to run; in other words, keeping up with regular home maintenance checks will save you from unnecessary expenses and headaches.


With so much more free time on your hands, be sure to follow the following home maintenance tips it could be costly to ignore. Prolong or improve the quality and value of your beloved home.


First thing’s first: Check out the foundation.


If you notice any serious cracks or unevenness in the foundation of your house, it can lead to some seriously expensive home repairs. Living in Canada can mean a lot of moisture, extreme weather changes and encroaching tree roots, which can all damage a home’s foundation.

Checking that the soil is sloping away from the foundation and that water is being carried away from the house by gutter downspouts is key to avoiding cracks and leaning walls.


More on moisture.


Roofing repairs or replacement.


In another effort to keep moisture at bay, you should also examine your roof.

By seeking out the help of a local roofing contractor, you can have them inspect the roof’s surface, flashing, eaves, and soffits.

This type of routine check-up should actually be done twice per year to be certain that no excess water or moisture is causing damage to the ceilings of your home. If you notice moisture in the form of leaks or mold in your home, take action as soon as possible.


Don’t forget about the smoke alarms!


According to research on emergency preparedness in Canada, 95% of houses have at least one smoke alarm. Yet, it is easy to forget to replace the batteries in a smoke detector on a regular basis, which renders the device useless.

Smoke detectors should be replaced every ten years – so now that the kids are moved out, it is probably time to do so.

In addition to replacing the batteries twice per year, you should run routine checks by holding down the test button once per month. It’s a simple way to avoid life-threatening fires and keep your home safe, too.

During this period of adjusting to your empty nest, there’s ample time to devote your free weekends to home improvements. However, before updating your house to include the hot tub you’ve always wanted or the spacious fitness room, run recommended routine checks like inspecting the foundations, roof, and smoke alarms to first ensure that everything is safe and sound.