Home maintenance tips it could be costly to ignore.

Home maintenance tips it could be costly to ignore.

It’s always important to focus on maintenance and DIY improvements of the house. Therefore, be sure to follow the following home maintenance tips to prolong or improve the quality and value of your beloved home.
Before thinking up new updates for your house, practice routine home maintenance to ensure everything is in working order. Just like with maintaining the family car, the home needs to be well-oiled and ready to run.
In other words, keeping up with regular home maintenance checks will minimize expense and headaches. 


Inspect the furnace and air conditioning system.


Changing out your filters regularly can help your home’s heating unit work at optimum efficiency and keep your energy costs down.

Your filters should be changed every couple of months, unless you have pets, then they should be changed every month.

Also, schedule a routine ac checkup so your unit stays in good working condition. Your HVAC technician can thoroughly clean and inspect your unit, helping to prevent larger issues.


Check the water heater.


Did you know that your water heater cycles thousands of gallons of water through it every year?

Because your unit works so hard, it’s a good idea to check on your water heater each year. This ensures there are no issues such as drainage clogs, scale build-up, or leaks.

If you notice something amiss, address it right away to help your unit last.


Vacuum the refrigerator.


You may not think of vacuuming your refrigerator as a must-do item on your maintenance to-do list. However, the condenser coils in the back of your fridge take in a lot of dust, which can affect its overall operation.

Take a little time to pull your fridge out and vacuum the coils to keep it running efficiently and increase its overall lifespan.


Check the plumbing.


Most of the time, homeowners forget about their plumbing unless there’s an issue.

Regular plumbing checks can actually prevent some common issues that homeowners face and save you money.

You don’t have to take apart your entire plumbing system. A simple check around all your fixtures for any cracks, leaks, or corrosion should be enough to keep your system running smoothly.


Inspect the foundation.


Cracked cement.

If you notice any serious cracks or unevenness in the foundation of your house, it can lead to some seriously expensive home repairs.

Living in Canada can mean a lot of moisture, extreme weather changes and encroaching tree roots, which can all damage a home’s foundation.

Check that the soil is sloping away from the foundation. Also, be sure rain water is being carried away from the house by gutter downspouts. Both of these are key to avoiding cracks and leaning walls.


Check your roof.


You should make it a habit to check your roof at least twice a year to ensure there are no major issues.

Check for rips in the flashing, missing shingles, obvious holes, or weak spots that could cause leaks or large-scale damage.

Address potential issues right away to keep your home’s structure safe and your roof in good shape.

Roofing repairs or replacement.

It may be necessary to contact a local roofing contractor to inspect the roof’s surface, flashing, eaves, and soffits.

This type of routine check-up should actually be done twice per year. This way, you can be certain that no excess water or moisture is causing costly damage to your home. If you notice moisture in the form of leaks or mold in your home, take action as soon as possible.


Don’t forget about the smoke alarms!


Not only is changing batteries in your smoke detector regularly a smart thing to do, but it’s also essential for your family’s safety.

According to research on emergency preparedness in Canada, 95% of houses have at least one smoke alarm. Yet, it is easy to forget to replace the batteries in a smoke detector on a regular basis.

Smoke detectors should be replaced every ten years – so now that the kids are moved out, it is probably time to do so.

In addition to replacing the batteries twice per year, you should run routine checks. This is done by holding down the test button once per month. It’s a simple way to avoid life-threatening fires and keep your home safe.


While conducting routine maintenance isn’t always the most exciting chore, it’s important to stay on top of home maintenance to prevent potential issues and keep your home looking beautiful.

The more regularly you conduct routine maintenance, the less likely you are to experience major, costly issues that could ultimately affect the safety, appearance and value of your home.


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