Manage your health your way and renovate your life!

getting fit and healthy

  There is no definitive guide or manual on getting fit and healthy. There is no one overarching way to boost one’s health except to manage your health your way.   Everyone has different demands, needs and desires when it comes to their health. So, if one health-boosting technique hasn’t worked for you, don’t be discouraged. Find the health-boosting techniques that are tailor made for you.   To get you started, here are some alternative health-boosting techniques.   Ease into your new healthy lifestyle.   What might have been holding you back from being the healthiest possible version of yourself

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Tips from a lousy housekeeper and grudging cook.

Coffee ice cubes.

I hate housework. I’ve never been one to enjoy cooking either. The one thing I did really well and totally enjoyed was baking, but the sad part is I can’t do that any more because, if it’s in the house, I can’t resist it. I do have some favorite tips and hints I use to minimize the hands-on labor of various tasks and challenges. Here is my list of favorites: Iced Coffee and Coffee Flavoring Pour leftover coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze. Coffee cubes are great for blending iced coffee drinks or can be defrosted to use

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Don’t make a diet resolution: Support food system change | The Good Food Institute

  You probably haven’t met anyone who’s resolved to consume more cheese or processed meat in 2018.   But as we all know, the odds are stacked against consumers who seek to make significant changes in their diets in favor of healthy, humane, and sustainable choices.                                                                      It’s that time of the year again… There are some incredibly useful tools to help people who embark on a

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Renovate your life: Building blocks for a healthier lifestyle.

Pack healthy, hearty snacks.

  There may come a time in your life when you decide you don’t like the way you look, feel or act and are in a strong frame of mind to make a change. There’s nothing wrong with this. Be glad you want to move in a positive direction and to improve your life for the better. Believe in yourself and do your best to concentrate on the building blocks for a healthier lifestyle. You’ll be able to reach your goals and feel better about yourself.   Don’t assume you need to put all of these tips into place overnight.

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Host the best holiday dinner for your out of town guests.

Host a holiday dinner party for out of town guests.

  No matter how social you are — or how big your friend and family list is —  dinner parties can be quite stressful. For starters, you have lots of people crammed into your personal space. Home is usually the place you can go to decompress when you’re overwhelmed. When there are lots of people over, that’s no longer the case. Then, there’s the stress of being the “host with the most” and putting on a memorable event everyone will enjoy. Here is our list of things to consider and plan for to successfully host the best holiday dinner for your

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Set out the welcome mat: Create a gorgeous room for short or long term guests.

Create a gorgeous room for short or long term guests.

  It’s not every day that guests come to stay the night, and so most of us go the extra mile to make sure their stay is comfortable. After all, the company’s a treat and it’s nice to be able to spoil your visitors! Give the place an extra deep clean, making your home all the more refreshing and welcoming. While you’re at it, create a gorgeous room for short or long term guests.   Depending on the length of your guest’s stay, how far should you go? How can you keep up that high level of presentation for anything

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Fall must dos for a healthy garden next year.

  The most romantic season of the year is finally here.   However, your garden is not quite ready for this lovely autumn, not to mention the harsh winter time that awaits us. There are many chores that remain unfinished due to lack of time or energy during the summer.   That is why this is a perfect time for you to re-energize yourself through some simple, yet very important activities for you and your garden.   Here is our list of fall must dos for a healthy garden next year.   Harvest.   The fruits of your work have

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Take note of these 11 signs you’re ready for a break – before you break.

11 signs you're ready for a break.

  You work hard and don’t always give yourself the credit you deserve. It’s not easy to scale back and not put so much pressure on yourself to succeed.   There’s nothing wrong with having a strong work ethic, but you can’t forget to take care of yourself in the process. It feels good to push yourself to your limits and be rewarded for it. That’s why you continue to try your best and see how great you can be when you keep moving forward.   If you’re stressed and exhibiting some of the 11 signs you’re ready for a break,

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