How To Create A Wedding Video With A Vintage Feel

Vintage wedding photo

Create a wedding video with a vintage feel.

There are hundreds of video and photo editing apps all designed to apply filters and effects to give your images the perfect vintage feel. The soft faded focus of vintage style photography and video gives a dreamy romantic look which is not only extremely flattering, but ideal for capturing all those special moments on your wedding day. There are many handy hints and tips to help you create a wedding video with a vintage feel, depending on the style and era you prefer, and many of them are surprisingly easy.

Choosing colours wisely

Many professional videographers can alter the colour or add a filter to your wedding film in much the same way that apps like Instagram can with photos. This small alteration to the colour can instantly give your wedding video a subtle vintage feel. Sepia and black and white tones can give a classical vintage effect and work really well for traditional white themed weddings, whist a deeper saturation of colours works wonderfully for a youthful 50s or 60s style wedding.

If your wedding already has vintage elements, such as a unique vintage dress, talk to your videographer about what effects they could use to bring these little touches to life in your wedding video. For an idea of how the choice of colour can make all the difference in your wedding video watch this beautiful ‘Water for Elephants’ inspired vintage wedding shoot.

Pick the perfect soundtrack

Choosing the music to play at your wedding reception can be really difficult, with so many special songs it can be hard to cut them down to just one playlist. So, choosing one piece of music for your wedding video is going to be downright impossible right?


If you are after a vintage feel to your wedding video adding a classic vintage soundtrack is actually one of the easiest ways to do it. For example fun 50s rock and roll songs by the likes of Bobby Darin or Buddy Holly are upbeat yet sweet, making them ideal for a summer wedding video, whilst classics like Doris day and Vera Lynn are guaranteed to add a touch of vintage glamour and sophistication. Or if you like the idea of something more traditional, classical music pieces fit almost any wedding video, once you’ve found your perfect piece of vintage music, just let your videographer know so they can edit it in seamlessly to your video.

Or… go silent!

Well not exactly, however there are some great wedding videos inspired by silent films of the 1920s, and with the popularity of the film ‘The Artist’ silent film style wedding videos are a popular choice for quirky couples looking for something a little bit different, and something extra special. Of course, you don’t have to go for the full on exaggerated gestures and slapstick comedy, you don’t even have to have your video in black and white, this style of video gives a lovely vintage feel through a romantic soundtrack and beautiful vintage title cards edited into the footage. These title cards say anything from pinpointing highlights of your day to funny anecdotes, but are sure to give your wedding video a beautiful vintage touch.

There are many other ways of incorporating a vintage feel into your wedding video, if you are unsure of what overall effect you’d like, or would just like to know what’s possible, talk to your videographer, who will be happy to show you their portfolio to give you some inspiration.

Andrew Shepard is the Founder of Crystal Clear Visual, a unique wedding videographers based in Southend, Essex. Andrew has a passion for create stunning wedding videos that the happy couple will keep for the rest of their lives.

photo credit: Ryan Polei | via photopin cc

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