How to declutter your home and finally start enjoying it.

How to declutter your home and finally start enjoying it.


One of the most common mistakes that a lot of people make is believing that the neatness of your home has something to do with its size.


Sure, in a 1000 square feet home you have a luxury of fewer unnecessary items than in a 400 square feet one, but if you continue down this path, soon you won’t be able to tell the difference.


You see, the amount of mess in your home depends on two things – your habits and your organizational skills. Luckily, there are more than a few ways to declutter your home and finally start enjoying it – and here are just six.


The rule of three.


As soon as you start decluttering your home, you need to find a way to distinguish between the items you need and those you just think you need.

Here, you can safely rely on the good old rule of three.

What you need to do is take every single item in your household into consideration and ask yourself one question: “Did I use this item in the previous three years?”

In a case where the answer is no and the item in question isn’t a family heirloom or a gift from a dear friend, it needs to go.

There is much more to decluttering and minimalism than the obvious.




One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and before you decide to throw away anything, you might want to consider donating.

You would be surprised just how many items you would discard without a second thought are still salvageable.

Different organizations accept donated items, but the most needed three item groups are furniture, household appliances and clothing.


Try to make some money.


Yard sale or garage sale.


Another thing you could do with all these items is to try and earn some money from them.

While the most popular choice here is organizing a garage sale, in the 21st century, it might be much more effective if you were to try and peddle them online.

Sure, you will get just a fraction of this item’s original price, but keep in mind that you would get rid of them either way.

From this perspective, it will feel like you are making money from thin air.


One item a day.


While some may believe that this is some sort of hard work, it definitely doesn’t have to be so.

It took your home some time to get cluttered, so this is not something you can resolve in a single day. Simply set aside few minutes each day in order to resolve the situation with one item in your household.

In a few weeks, you will live in a decluttered home, without even breaking a sweat.


Storage for later use.


The greatest problem with decluttering your home is the factsomething that you never know when you are going to need an item.

There are situations in which you are absolutely sure you are going to use a furniture piece at a later date, but simply don’t have the space for it at the moment.

In this scenario, it is more frugal to get supercheap storage units in your area and store it there for the time being. Otherwise, you would have to sell it and then purchase it when you need it again, resulting in a negative net change.


Try taking a photo of your home.


Finally, one of the tricks that helped a lot of people was taking a photo of their home and showing it to an outsider. In this way, you will probably get a fresh perspective and find out the hard way, which of the items have no place in your home’s current layout.

One of the problems here is that you will probably be quite subjective regarding your own furniture and appliances. The longer you have them, the more attached to them you will be.

This ‘outsider’ friend of yours has much better odds of being objective.


The best thing about every of these six tips is that they are efficient and simple to pull off. Some of them simply require you to take a fresh look at things, while others actively help you by employing techniques that are known to work.

In other words, they cheat you into creating a clutter-free mindset, that will in time lead to a cleaner home.