How to detect the root cause of lingering odors in your home.

How to detect the root cause of lingering odors in your home.


An unpleasant smell in your home can cause you to feel discomfort in a space that is supposed to be relaxing.


It may be embarrassing to have relatives and friends over because to the scent.


Instead of allowing this scent to continue to grow, investigate some possible causes of the odor. Here is how to detect the root cause of lingering odors in your home.


Kitchen and cooking odors.


BC salmon dinner.


No matter what you’re cooking, whether it be fish, seafood, asparagus, or any other notoriously odorous food, it’s never hard to find the cause. This is one of the easiest odors to deal with.

My secret weapon in the kitchen – and the bathroom for that matter – is fresh squeezed lemon juice.

Use at 100% strength to wipe down surfaces that may hold the bad odor.

If the odor is lingering in the air, spray a 50% mixture of fresh squeezed lemon juice and water from a misting bottle in the air and on all cleaned surfaces.

You’ll be amazed at how wonderful everything will smell!


Pet smells.


Mark, Mew, Frankie and Oliver


When you have pets, you have a decent chance of also acquiring some smells from the pets. Even if your pets are fully trained to use the litter box and to go outside for their walks, they may leave other odors from their bodies around the house.

You can use products that are specifically designed to remove pet odors. If those products work, then you likely know what the cause of the issue was.

You may need to treat the surfaces in your home on a regular basis to avoid continued smells. Just make sure that the products you’re using are safe for your pets.


Air conditioners.


An unpleasant smell can also get into your home through the air conditioner.

For example, if you have window units, droppings could have gotten into the top part from animals walking on top of it or flying by. You may also have a problem with the air conditioning unit regardless of what type it is.

Working with a heating and cooling professional can help you to determine the source of the smell and to fix the issue. Problems with air conditioners could be serious or dangerous since they are connected to electricity, which is why working with a professional is necessary.


Mold and mildew.


Whether you have a bathroom that lacks windows or a small part of the basement that tends to flood during major rainstorms, mold and mildew can cause problems for your living environment.

You may wonder how the mold could possibly smell since you just wiped it up the other day. However, mold can grow back quickly.

Professional inspections are advisable for mold. Part of the problem with this substance is that you may not recognize the source of it. To stop it from being a recurring issue, the source must be treated.


Gas leaks.


If you have a gas leak in your home, you need to get yourself, your family and your pets out of the house and call 911 right away.

A gas leak could poison you, and it could also lead to an explosion in the house. For example, if you were to turn on a light when the stove was leaking gas, you could spark an explosion.

Leaking gas often smells like rotten eggs.

Since this cause of a lingering odor is seriously dangerous, you should not hesitate to take the necessary steps if you notice the scent of rotten eggs.

In order to prevent the problem, you can purchase a natural gas detector or an alarm that is connected with the rest of your system.


All of these issues can lead to unpleasant smells in your house. Treating them can make your home a more comfortable place to live.