How to minimize the stress of moving house.

How to minimize the stress of moving house.


When it comes time to move to a new home, there are scores of points and details to cover, many of which result in a heightened level of stress, but it is possible to minimize the stress of moving house.


By reducing or eliminating as many of these details as possible, you can make the whole experience more enjoyable.

Keep in mind that all you really need to do is get all your stuff from here to there in the most efficient way possible, and by following these proven tips, that will be a lot easier to accomplish.


Be a list person.


Lists…whether they’re in a standard notebook or on your smartphone, lists are a great way to knock down the stress factor and make the move easier on yourself.

Make lists of supplies, schedules, what’s in each box and anything else that seems like it makes sense to write down.


Don’t run out …of anything.


Running out of supplies at any point during the moving process lends itself to unnecessary stress.

Try to overestimate things like boxes and tape, markers and cleaning supplies. You always have the option of returning any supplies that were unused, and that is far less stressful than having to run out and buy stuff when you should be packing, moving or cleaning.


Keep like with like.


While you’re packing it all up, try to keep all similar items together to make it easier on the other end.

As an example, keep bookshelves with books, picture hooks with pictures and tv cords with the television. This will make it so you aren’t running around and looking for stuff all over the house.


Pack ahead.


Minimize the stress of moving house.

Minimize the stress of moving house.

Packing your belongings as far in advance as possible is also a good tip for reducing stress during a move.

There are always some items that you aren’t going to need in the time leading up to the move, and the more you can get out of the way, the less stressful it will be when the day does arrive.


Let movers do their jobs.


If you are hiring professional movers for your move, try to let them do their jobs.

It’s easy to be a micro-manager about every little thing, but more often than not, being this way only makes the process less efficient and more stressful. It’s fine to talk things over with them beforehand or give special instructions if you have any, but stand back and let them operate and you’ll be better off.


Protect your valuables.


Whether you hire professionals or not, if you have valuables that can’t be replaced, take extra precautions when packing them.

Things like keepsakes, collectibles or electronics may require some extra padding and extra care when you are packing them up and moving them.

If you’re using movers, be sure to let them know which boxes have the valuable items, and be careful with them in the new house, too. Nothing is more stressful than going through a move only to find some of your valuable broken and ruined during the unpacking phase.


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