How to rediscover your love for your job.

How to rediscover your love for your job.


We all want to have a job that we love, that we’re passionate about. Too often this desire leads us to be on the continual hunt for the next big opportunity, but is finding a new job really the answer?
Who’s to say you can’t find love for the job you currently have again?
You don’t have to find a new job to find that love and passion – it’s still there in your current job. Finding passion in the work that you’re doing is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. Rediscovering that passion can help you love your job again and find a sense of purpose at work.


Think back to the best day you had at your current job. Maybe that was the day you got a promotion, landed a new client, or closed a big sale. How were you feeling? Excited, eager, ambitious, content – fill in the blank with the positive emotion of your choice. It’s possible to go back to those feelings. It’s not always easy to do, and it takes patience, but the reward is well worth the effort.

Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to tapping into your passion and rekindling the love for your job.


Remember why you took the job when you started.

Put yourself back in your shoes on the day that you took this job. What brought a smile to your face on the first day of work? What did you set out to accomplish when you took this job? What have you achieved in your time in this position? What more can you learn from this role?

Oftentimes we get complacent and bored with routines. Look for something in your job that gives you something to look forward to every day at work, big or small.

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