How to save money on a bathroom renovation.

How to save money on a bathroom renovation.


While your living room might be the center of your home, your bathroom is equally important. It’s the one place where you can enjoy complete and total privacy.


If your bathroom hasn’t changed in years, you never made any changes since moving in or you just dislike the way it looks, it might be time for a renovation.


Though many think that they can’t afford to remodel their bathrooms, you can actually do a renovation that works within your budget, but you need to know how to save money on the project.


Make small changes.


The reason that many think a bathroom renovation is so expensive is because they assume that they need to make a number of big changes all at once.

You don’t need to replace the floor and everything else at the same time.

Think about making a few smaller changes that will have a big impact in the space. A new coat of paint or some new wallpaper can instantly make your bathroom look completely different.

You can also swap out the lighting fixture and change the faucets.


Shop direct from manufacturers.


bathroom fixtures

Buying products directly from manufacturers can help you save money too because you essentially cut out the middle man.

You can also look for products from factory direct companies. These companies buy products directly from the factories and pass on the savings to customers.

Factory direct bathroom vanities come in some great styles and cost less than you expected. You’ll find traditional designs that will look great for years to come and modern vanities that update your bathroom.

Some vanities can even accommodate two sinks, which will make sharing your bathroom with others a little easier.


Do some of the work yourself.


Hiring contractors to work on your bathroom will add a lot to your budget.

If you want to change or repair your plumbing or make changes to your electrical system, you will need a contractor.

Many of the other renovations that you want to do are projects that you can do yourself, including putting up new wallpaper, installing a new vanity or putting down tile.

Many hardware and home improvement stores even rent equipment like tile cutters that you can use with those projects.


Doing some of the work yourself, making minor changes and buying from factory direct suppliers and manufacturers can help you save significantly on a bathroom renovation.

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