How to survive challenging and stressful work days.

How to survive challenging and stressful work days.


Having a bad day at work is something no one looks forward to or seems to expect; and yet, they happen in abundance.
We all experience those times when we have to survive challenging and stressful work days.
But these bad days don’t have to stay bad when you’ve got some soft skills on your side to soothe away any issues, and you’re never alone when it comes to your suffering here!


We all have bad days at work, and that can be for a whole variety of reasons. If you’re in the process of deciding whether you love your job or not because of a particularly difficult coworker, here are some tips to look after yourself and your mental and emotional health.

Don’t let that frown settle into your face, your day is still salvageable!


Walk in their shoes: Try to understand the other person’s view.


Empathy is something we need more of in the workplace, so the best place to start is with you!

Conflict exists everywhere in the workplace, and you’re not always going to agree with other people all the time. So accept that, and let yourself move on from it.

To go a step further, learn to see the situation from the other side. Do active stress relief exercises such as deep breathing, going for a walk, taking a break for a cup of tea or coffee. Do your best to leave those feeling at work and not take them home with you.

It’s a skill we clearly need more of, no matter what our profession or workplace environment may be. Among the more mainstream professions, there are also higher risk professions such as teaching, policing and nursing that may need special efforts to deal with the stress. There are several online resources such as Resolving Conflict in Nursing Careers available to give advice and information.


Seek support: Have a cup of coffee, relax, and talk to someone.


Have a cup of coffee, relax, and talk to someone.

Have a cup of coffee, relax, and talk to someone.

Unless you’re on really good terms with your boss, and you’re sure of your side of the chain of events, it’s likely best to have a supportive, objective ear available. Talking to coworkers can be risky. After all, isn’t that what friends and family are for?

Take a quick break from your work after a particularly stressful event and find an area to calm down. Even the washroom works well here!

Bring your phone with you and start texting or calling the people you know will be sympathetic, and get the release some of that stress right away. It’s better than taking it home with you, or letting it bottle up to permanently sour your perspective of your workplace and coworkers.


Reward yourself for your efforts: Pamper yourself at home.


Calming scented bath to reduce stress.

Calming scented bath to reduce stress.

All those bath bombs or delicious cakes you’d love to buy for yourself for a treat?

This is a great time to do so and pamper yourself.

We all know the treats should be used in moderation, but when included with long baths, candlelight, restful music, or a favorite activity, these can all add up to a healthy way to pamper yourself.

Dealing with a bad day at work is easier than you think.

Put your aching feet up and give yourself a break.


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