I’m thinking about the festive season already!

I’m thinking about the festive season already!

There aren’t that many weeks left until the holiday season, and we have plenty to look forward to before then. Therefore, it’s no surprise that I’m thinking about the festive season already.


I’m actively making plans because this will be our first proper family Christmas.


Our son is just about old enough to understand it all. At least he understands that there will be lots of presents and toys!

Planning for big family festive occasions is something I haven’t had to do a lot of in the past. If I’m hosting things this year I want to be prepared, and I want to be ready for anything.

With such a young son around, I know things will have to be done slowly, and possibly redone several times. I bet the decorations on the tree don’t stay there for long!


Christmas is for children.

Christmas is for children.


I am really looking forward to decorating the tree with him, though. I think his face will light up brighter than all the fairy lights put together.

I’ve had a few ideas for presents for him. I think Santa’s going to get him something quite special this year. When it comes to gifts for preschoolers, life is easy.

I’m struggling with ideas for the older kids among my family, so I’m glad my son is still so small.

There are a few pre-teens and a couple of teenagers I need to consider on my gift shopping list.

I don’t know about you, but I find shopping for Christmas gifts for 15 year old boys quite tough. You know they’re probably into gadgets and gizmos, but you’re not sure exactly which!

I think the girls will be easier to buy for this year. Fashion is the big thing for them at the moment. I just have to get it right.

It would be lovely to have fifteen or so over for the big day. Feeding them all is a big concern, but I think I’m getting to grips with how to prepare a big enough spread in my little kitchen.

I’m thinking about a non-alcoholic punch we can all enjoy.


Christmas non-alcoholic punch.

Non-alcoholic punch.


I also fancy making one of those cute Yule logs with the frosting that looks like snow too.


Christmas yule log.

Yule log.


Accommodation is tricky here.

I can’t put up all the extended family, so I’m looking to book up some of the local hotels before all the rooms are gone. There are a few camp beds lurking about in the garage somewhere, but my older relatives wouldn’t manage with those.

I’m looking forward to the Thanksgiving sales to try and pick up some of the Christmas bits I need at a cheaper price.

I love that the holidays are a time to catch up with the extended family, but I believe Christmas is mostly for the children.

For me, Christmas day will be all about my little one. It’s important that it is magical for him. I almost hope he never grows up so that it is a special time of year every year.

I’m really looking forward to all the festivities this year and in order to stay on top of things, I’ve downloaded a planner!

It’s so much fun thinking of Christmas with a child’s view!

How do you spend your Christmas day?


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