Impress your friends with incredible cupcakes!

Impress your friends with incredible cupcakes!


Cupcakes are simple to bake but can be transformed into truly show-stopping treats that will wow your friends.


Cupcakes have been a hugely versatile baking favorite for many years. There’s an endless combination of flavorings and toppings that you can use, and that means that there’s a cupcake perfect for every occasion, but before you do anything else, you need to master the basics.


So what’s the secret to incredible cupcakes?


Well, sit back with a cup of tea and read on to find out!


A few magic ingredients.


Baking ingredients.

Ask anyone to describe the perfect cupcake and they’ll mention two things – a light, fluffy sponge and a delicious topping.

So, if you’re a baking novice, you only need to master two skills! That’s why cupcakes are the perfect introduction to baking – a simple recipe can yield seriously impressive results.

The ingredients you’ll find in every cupcake recipe? Well, for the cake itself the essentials are butter, sugar, eggs, flour and a splash of milk and vanilla extract. It’s when you get to decorating your cupcakes that you can put your own stamp on them.

Some bakers prefer buttercream piping, like in this recipe.

Others go for classic icing, like the cupcakes seen here.


Learn with others.


If learning by yourself sounds a little daunting, a baking class could be perfect for you. You’ll be able to learn from an experienced teacher and meet fellow bakers who are just starting out too.

Baking is a really fun group activity, and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn – not just from your teacher, but your classmates as well.

The great thing about attending a cupcake baking course is that everything is included in the price, so you don’t need to bring any ingredients or equipment with you.

All you need is some enthusiasm and a good appetite – both for learning and sampling your creations when they’re done.


Take your cakes to the next level.


Cupcake baking classes.

Once you’ve mastered a basic recipe, you can then start to experiment further.

Chocolate cupcakes taste and look incredible, especially when paired with a contrasting topping.

Some bakers add vegetables to their cake mix – beetroot, carrot and even courgettes are delicious ingredients that will help to keep your cakes moist.

Other bakers, inspired by the incredible creations seen on shows like The Great British Bake Off, take their cake decoration to new heights. Beautiful rose buds made from icing, deftly spun sugar work, edible painting – there’s just so much you can do to a cake to make it look amazing.

If you do attend a baking class, you’ll be taught some more complex skills as well.


Bake for your friends.


Cupcake tea party.

Once you’ve cooked up some delicious cupcakes, what next?

How about throwing a great tea party? You can invite your nearest and dearest and amaze them with the cupcakes you’ve baked yourself.

There’s nothing better than seeing people enjoying something you’ve worked hard on – so there’s no excuse not to get in the kitchen and cook up a storm. You could even invite some of the people you met on your baking course.

Whoever you’re making cupcakes for, they’ll be amazed at the new skills you’ve picked up.

You’ll soon be the most popular host in town!



Eloise Durrant is the Founder of The Gourmet Cupcake Company based in Chelmsford, Essex and offers a range of baking and decorating courses, as well as specializing in creating beautiful and delicious cakes.
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