Indulge yourself: Home improvements you’ll love.

Indulge yourself: Home improvements you’ll love.


Have you been thinking about the best ways to make the most of your home life?


Many of us are keen to improve our home as a way to improve its market value, but there’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself and making home improvements you’ll love.


If this is your forever home, you may be less concerned with adding value, and more concerned about adding comfort.

There are plenty of wonderful improvements you can make that will add a little luxury to your home.


Wonderful tech.


Home theatre.

You could start with upgrading the technology in your home.

Why not install good quality speakers in the ceilings of each room? These could then be controlled to play your favorite songs and music. There are apps available that can individually control the volume in each room, or turn it off altogether.

They can even be installed in the bathroom!


Harvest the sun.


Harvest the sun.

Air conditioning may be essential in some parts of the country, but if you haven’t got it installed yet, now may be the time.

Solar panels on the roof can help cover some of the energy costs in the summer. In the wintertime, you can inject a quick burst of warmth into a chilly room too.

Of course, an open fire at Christmas time has to be the ultimate indulgence for a traditional festive treat.

Who doesn’t love relaxing by a roaring fire in the winter?


Your own spa.

Private spa with sauna.

You can turn your bathroom into a spa.

Install a jacuzzi shower to blast away your aches and pains.

Color changing bulbs enhance the mood, and your MP3 player can provide the soundtrack.

Use it to soothe your muscles, or rejuvenate you first thing in the morning.

For the ultimate all over relaxation, why not install a home sauna? You can find home kits on that promise to be easy to put together.

No home spa would be complete without a double bath tub. If you’ve got the space, a huge tub could be just the thing to soak away your worries.

Add extra bubbles, a few scented candles, and a bathroom TV screen. Catch up on your favorite show, or watch a movie.

Perhaps you’d prefer something on the big screen. Installing a home cinema could be as easy as hanging a projector screen. Use your iPad to control it, or get a giant 4K screen to see the detail up close and clear.


Swimming pool.


Get in the swim.


If you’ve got the yard space, you could always install a heated swimming pool.

Install a canopy or housing so you can use it all year round, whatever the weather.

LED lighting can be solar powered to save on your energy costs too.

Invite friends over for pool parties no matter what your age!

To make it better yet, treat yourself to a luxury outdoor dining set, with plush cushions, deep seating, and solid wood table.


Sometimes it’s good to treat yourself. If your family are still at home, they’re bound to be delighted with any additions to the house.

Immerse yourself in a little luxury and make your home the center of comfort you’ve always dreamed of.


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