Inject some love back into your neglected garden.

Inject some love back into your neglected garden.


There are certain things in life that cannot be left uncared for or they end up growing out of control.


Our gardens are a very literal example of this, and many up and down the country are looking a little ragged and like someone needs to inject some love back into your neglected garden.


There are a few potential reasons for this…Gardens require a lot of attention, and attention requires time – time that we often simply do not have.

The gardens that come with modern properties are a lot smaller than they used to be because more and more homes are being crowded into smaller and smaller spaces.

However, neither of these are reasons why you cannot still have a beautiful garden to be proud of and to enjoy.

If you haven’t even touched your garden since you moved into your home, chances are you’ve probably got quite the challenge on your hands.

But, it still is possible to reclaim your backyard and turn it into the haven you’ve always dreamt of – here are a few things you can do to bring it back to life.


Clear the space.


When gardens are left to their own devices, nature takes control, and things can soon start to get very very overgrown.

This can look very daunting, especially to a novice gardener – after all, where on earth do you begin?!

The important thing to remember is that transforming your garden will take time, so patience is key.

Get hold of an electric hedge trimmer and some pruning shears and start to reclaim your garden again.

Another advantage of pruning is that it may even encourage certain plants and shrubs to spring back into action and to grow more healthy in the future.

If your lawn is overgrown, don’t go straight in with the mower – trim it down by hand first.


Make the most of your trees.


Pruning the roses


You may think there’s no hope for that old, wither tree, but before you remove it, consider whether it could end up being a stunning feature, with a bit of love and care.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a fully grown tree in their gardens, so think twice before you uproot it.

If it looks unwell, visit a site such as to see whether anything can be done to save it. Providing it’s not too far gone, there’s no reason why it can’t bounce back and become the pride of your garden.


Put flower beds in.


If your garden is now cleared but still looking as though it lacks life and color, consider putting some flower beds in.

Having an array of different colors and textures in your garden can make a huge difference to how inviting it looks.

Make sure there’s a lot of varying shades and tones of greenery so it looks well thought out and not just thrown together and busy.

Learn about the natural consistency of your soil and what flowers would grow well.

That way, you will not constantly be fighting to keep your plants alive, and you can maintain your stunning garden with minimal effort in the future.


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