Is life lonely in your newly empty nest? The sun may be your best solution.

Is life lonely in your newly empty nest? The sun may be your best solution.

It’s always painful when your kid’s move out. You pack them up and send them to their university accommodations, or help them move into a house of their own!


Then, you return to an empty home and wonder how you’ll cope.


The good news is that your life then becomes yours own again. You don’t have to worry where the kids are, or what they’re doing. All you have to worry about is you.


This new found freedom affects everyone in different ways.

One thing a lot of us have in common is that it encourages us to consider something we may never have thought of before… a holiday home?

That’s right!

If there was ever a right time to expand and explore, it’s now.

You want to stay around for your kid’s, but that’s no reason you can’t spend time elsewhere, too. So, how can you decide whether a holiday home is for you?


Know your options.


Like with any major decision, it’s important you know your options.

If you have the money, you could buy a villa somewhere sunny and have done with it. But, that’s not your only choice.

You could invest in an apartment abroad, or stay closer to home.

A holiday home doesn’t have to be overseas. America is a big place.

Even buying a home in another state would give you freedom.

As well as traditional housing, consider modular homes, or log cabins! Find out the benefits and prices of each. Then, decide if any appeal to you.

If you dismiss each option, it might be that you aren’t ready to make the leap.

Would you use it?


Before you jump in and spend your money, it’s important to consider whether you would use your holiday home. Staying there for one week every few months doesn’t count, either.

To make a vacation home workable, you should be using it a few months a year. You want to make sure you save enough on hotels to pay for the house!

Be honest with yourself about this. If you’re not going to use it, it’s not worth buying. This is no small expense, remember!

Don’t think that other people using it is enough, either. You bought that holiday home for you, not as a stop off point for all your friends and family.

Knowing it’s in use is better than nothing, but you should get more use than anyone.


Would you be comfortable being so far away?


So, let’s assume you’ll spend a few months to half a year at your holiday home.

Would you feel comfortable being away from the people you love?

The children may have moved away from home, but being down the road is different from being in another country.

If you’re giving the option serious thought, it’s worth asking how they feel about it. Having the support of those you’re worried about leaving behind could give you the push you need.

You can always fly home if they need you, anyway!


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