It must be Canada Day because Gregg Zaun looks stranger than usual and Jamie Campbell seems to have joined in…

Canada Day is ‘made’ for us when we can sit and watch a baseball game played at home in Toronto. I enjoy the mid-game sports casts with Gregg Zaun and Jamie Campbell. They are both very likeable guys and seem to work well together.

Canada Day at Sportsnet

Jamie Campbell (left) and Gregg Zaun (right).

Don Cherry in loud suit

Ron McLean and Don Cherry.

Since he joined the broadcast crew on Sportsnet for the highlight casts and analysis during the games, I’ve become quite used to the unusual image Gregg Zaun presents. He looks rather like a Don Cherry wannabee with his odd suits, high wide collars and loud ties – only his outfits don’t even come close to those of Don Cherry, in size, scale or volume!

Today, however, his Canada Day outfit was the most unusual yet, but still it couldn’t beat out that of Jamie Campell with his Dr. Zeuss style tall hat in Canada Day theme or his spectacular Canada Day specs.

You can see for yourself in the picture at left that my husband, Mark took of the television screen – at  my urging, of course.

Now I can look forward to Mark barbequing the lovely steaks bought at Costco for our Canada Day BBQ. I’ve already made the cranberry broccoli slaw salad with lemon poppy seed dressing – also from Costco.


photo credit: jodigreen via photopin cc

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