It’s so easy to cheer up a Potter Head!

It’s so easy to cheer up a Potter Head!

I’m not a Potter Head, but our daughter Erin sure is.

I wish I was as easy to cheer up as a Potter Head like her is though, because I seriously need help.

Every year the same thing happens. We find something after Christmas that was supposed to be wrapped and under the tree.

It’s a bit of a guessing game about what it will be and who it would be for.

This was the first year in several that I managed to pull it off without forgetting anything – or so I thought. I made a point of putting all presents in the same place so I would find them all when the time came to wrap and put them under the tree.

Today, my illusions were shattered!

Mark and Stuart went golfing for the first time this year and while looking frantically for his Tilly Hat (which he never did find), he found this lovely book – the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook.

Facebook post about Erin's Harry Potter Cookbook.

Facebook post about Erin’s Harry Potter Cookbook, the perfect cookbook for Potter Heads like our Erin.

I have no idea why it was there, and don’t remember putting it there myself. I am sure, however, that I had to because I’m the only one who buys and handles Christmas gifts.

This has been a day of upheaval and stress for Erin. As much as she loves living in Calgary, Alberta, she’s finding it very difficult making ends meet and messaged me as she was feeling a bit down.

It was so nice to be able to post this for her and to see how much it cheered her up!

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