Kitchen upgrade ideas that home cooks will love.

Kitchen upgrade ideas that home cooks will love.


If you love to cook then chances are you’re very popular amongst your friends and family!
Food is a fantastic way to get everyone together, plus if you prepare all of your own meals you’re likely to be healthier too, since you know exactly what has gone into everything.
If your kitchen is due an upgrade and you’re looking for ways to make your life a little easier as a home cook, here are a couple of kitchen upgrade ideas that home cooks will love.


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An American style fridge freezer.


If you’re still rooting round for ingredients in a tiny fridge freezer, it’s time for an upgrade.

A large, American style fridge freezer allows you to neatly organize your ingredients and gives you plenty of space to store batch cooked meals.

Because these appliances have the fridge and freezer side by side, it’s easy to store your most used ingredients at the top instead of having to bend down and rummage in the bottom of the freezer.

Many of these types of fridge freezers can be plumbed in and give you access to cold water and ice constantly too which is an added bonus.


A well-stocked pantry.


As a well as a good fridge freezer for your fresh and frozen ingredients, a well-stocked pantry is any good cook’s secret.

It allows you to whip up delicious, flavorful meals out of next to nothing, meaning you always have something to eat in the house even between grocery shopping trips.

Find an area of your home that you can turn into a pantry and stock up on dried ingredients.

Pasta, rice, grains, tins of vegetables, gravy, stock and lots of herbs and spices are a few things to get you started.

Line an old coat cupboard or a nook in your kitchen with shelves, and put everything into labelled glass jars.

Not only will this look nice and neat, but you’ll keep out any pests and keep everything fresh for the longest time.


A boiling water tap.


Whether you’re boiling vegetables, making stock or filling up the slow cooker, a good cook will always have the need for a lot of boiling water.

Instead of waiting for the kettle to boil each time, a boiling water tap like the ones on this website gives it to you in an instant, saving you time and hassle when you have a million other jobs to do.

Alternatively, you could go with a ‘pasta arm’ or stove tap. This is a tap which conveniently folds away and allows for the easy filling of pots at the oven.


A double oven.


Double the oven space, double the grills and double the hobs. What could be better?

Cooking complex dishes with lots of elements can be tricky with one oven since things often need to go on at different temperatures and times. Having two can allow you to get your timings and temperatures just right, give you more space and generally make everything much more convenient.


Are you a passionate home cook?  Which of these upgrades would you most love in your kitchen?

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