Lesser known tips to help keep your home dust free.

Lesser known tips to help keep your home dust free.


Let’s face it, the quest to keep your home dust free is never ending.



More and more we’re hearing of the negative impact of dust and allergens in our homes, and I am one who is suffers from environmental allergies.


Featured image: Dust mite.

What turns out to be the x-factor amongst those trying to keep their homes clean is the ‘know-how’ about the best methods to keep dust under control.

Some of these techniques may be unfamiliar to you, yet, scores of people have already benefited from them. So, it’s time that you too equipped yourself with the knowledge to tackle dust and protect the inhabitants of your home 24 x 7.

How to keep your home dust free?


Keep your bed clean.


Clean and dust free bed and bedding.

Make it a top priority to clean your bedding at least once in a week.

Though invisible to the naked eye, your bed is your home’s top dust accumulator as it is exposed to all kinds of microscopic dust particles such as dead skin cells, dust mites, dandruff and cloth fibers which have been separated from your bed sheets.

Change the sheets of your bed and wash them thoroughly. Also, dust your pillows.

The best way to remove dust from bed linen and your bed is to vacuum them.


Weather-proof your home.


At times, the weatherproofing of your home can also be a major contributor to the amount of dust that you have to deal with.

For example, if the seals covering your windows and doors are damaged and have holes in them, dust can enter your home quite easily. Check the window and door seals from time to time and replace them if you find that they have suffered any damage.


Avoid huge carpets or rugs.


Avoid using large carpets and rugs in your home.

Not only are they extremely difficult to clean and maintain, they also accumulate tons of dust in a very short span of time.

If using a carpet is an absolute necessity for you, then opt for those which have a smaller surface area so that cleaning it does not become a dreaded task for you.


Keep your home uncluttered.


Keep your home uncluttered.

The amount of dust that gets accumulated in your home is directly proportional to the quantity of ‘things’ that you have in your house.

A house which is cluttered and filled with a lot of furniture, electronic gadgets and other fancy stuff will obviously be a dust magnet. Cleaning such a house can be an absolute nightmare.

Keeping your home uncluttered and using only the furniture and things which are necessary will help make life a lot easier for you in terms of getting rid of dust.


Use a micro-fiber cloth for cleaning.


Use a micro-fiber cloth for dusting.

When cleaning dust, your intention should be to clean it completely without leaving any residue. Otherwise, you are wasting your precious time and effort.

Cleaning experts recommend the use of damp rags or microfiber cloth which is capable of attracting the dust particles and not allowing them to spread about. This will ensure that the surface you clean is completely void of any dust.


Regulars checks of home filtration systems.


If you have installed a heating and cooling system in your home, pay attention to the efficiency of its air filtration system.

If the efficiency of the filtration system is not up to standards, dust particles can effortlessly pass through the filters and ruin the cleanliness of your home.

Run regular checks on the filtration system in order to keep them functioning at least around 60%-70% efficiency. This can greatly cut down on the volume of dust entering your home.

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