Looking to transform an empty room? Consider these home-boosting options.

Looking to transform an empty room? Consider these home-boosting options.


Designing your dream home can be an exciting process. Not only do you finally get to have fun with decor, you can add the finishing touches that you’ve always wanted.


But it doesn’t just apply when you’re looking to buy the perfect property, it can be the same when you’re working on redoing the house you already live in too.


As you start to piece together your perfect home, you might find that you’re left with a little bit of space.

It is certainly the case when you’ve got all of your main rooms in place, and you’ve got a lot more room than what you’re used to.

If you’ve got empty areas left around the home, why not think up fun ways to utilize them?

Adding in exciting features can also add a lot of value to your home too. So if you’re stuck for inspiration, just try one of these ideas.


Knock down a wall.


One of the first options you have is to knock down a few walls.

Regardless as to whether you have some empty space on the ground floor or any upper floors, you might benefit more if some walls are taken out.

If you’ve got a spare room next to another room that could benefit from being bigger, like your kitchen or master bedroom, you could knock through and make that happen. Of course, you will need to make sure that it’s structurally possible to do so before you get started.


Create a classroom.


Next, you could think about utilizing some space for your children.

If their bedrooms are centered around sleep and storage, and they often do their homework at the kitchen table, you might want to think about creating a classroom or study space for them.

This could work particularly well if you have a light, spacious room that desks for all your children could fit in.

You could support their studies by storing their homework and textbooks in there too, allowing their bedrooms to be reserved for rest only.


Add a home cinema.


Video room.

If you love to watch movies and chill out at weekends, why not think about adding your very own cinema into your house.

You could do this just about anywhere in the house, even in the attic. All you will need is a sofa or a few comfy chairs, a TV and some dramatic lighting.

You could go all out and decorate the room with old movie posters, add in a bar cart with snacks and a little basket with blankets to keep yourself cozy with too.

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Build a walk-in closet.


When you have a lot of clothes, it can sometimes be hard to know what you have and where it’s kept.

If that sounds like your situation, then you might want to transform your extra room into a walk-in closet.

It would be an excellent idea if you have a space free next to your bedroom as you could even add in a door to access the walk-in closet.

It will also allow you to free up a little space in your bedroom and create a serene room ready to sleep in.


Create a spa.


If you like to pamper yourself on a regular basis, it might be an idea to add a mini spa to your home.

If your master bath isn’t that big, your spare room could be the perfect place to add in a sauna, jacuzzi tub, or even a makeup station.

You’d have to check on your water mains and see if this would be possible, but if having a spa in your house sounds like an incredible idea, take advantage of the opportunity and go for it.


Make a library.



When you’re a bookworm, you can end up with A LOT of books. Sometimes, you can find them on surfaces all over the home.

At some point, you have to say enough is enough and add in a storage space especially for them.

When you have a spare room, it would be a fun and exciting idea to add a library.

Just use some cool and quirky storage ideas to create a space for all of your books, and even add in a reading area as well.

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Add a gym.


If you love to exercise and you’d love to be able to do more of it, then why not utilize your extra space and create a home gym?

You might find that you like to work out in the mornings, but struggle to make it to the gym on time. If that’s the case, why not get some cardio or resistance equipment for your space and create a fun space to work out in?

When it comes to the kit, spinning bikes are awesome to opt for as you can burn a lot of calories as you cycle along.

But, you might also want to think about getting some free weights, mats, and benches too if you like to lift.


Gain extra storage.


Sometimes, no matter how often you tidy or try to find a home for things, you can find yourself in a bit of a mess.

Papers pile up, clothes pile up, books pile up, and before long, you’re starting to get lost in it all.

If you’re trying to work on having less mess around the home and you have an empty room, why not create a storage space in your home?

You could add in shelving and bookcases so that you can store paperwork, and stacked storage boxes to hold odds and ends and never feel like you’re stuck in the middle of a chaotic mess again.


Add an office.


And finally, if you work from home or you find yourself with a little extra work from time to time, you might want to add an office space in your home.

It could work in a downstairs or upstairs space and allow you to store all of your work equipment away from the rest of your living life.

If you have dreams of becoming a writer, or you run a blog alongside your job, it would be a great way to keep your side project in order as well.


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