Can’t afford a dream car? Invest in car parts for home decor.

Can’t afford a dream car? Invest in car parts for home decor.

by Hannah Whittenly

Industrial décor is trendy and blends well with other popular trends such as repurposing, small home living and space-saving décor ideas.


If you enjoy DIY projects and find old cars intriguing, you can create some amazing, trendy or timeless décor items for your home.


Some projects may require more skill than others or possibly some help from a friend or professional. Invest in car parts for home decor and the final product will be something you can proudly display.


Home crafted art from recycled car parts.


Use car mirrors in home decor.


Many times, it’s the small decorative features in a home that guests find most memorable.

Side mirrors and rear view mirrors from old cars can be used as decorative shelving in your home. These unusual shelves can be used in corners that would otherwise be neglected and unnoticed.

They can be used above a bedside table, as part of the bathroom décor or as a unique decorative accessory in the foyer.


Creative lighting ideas.


Creative lighting with car parts.


An excellent way to display your fondness for automotive related items is to create lighting from rods and pistons or the crankshaft of a car.

It helps to use the inventory that salvage yards have to get ideas and supplies for making some of the most amazing light fixtures and lamps for your home.

Tail lights and headlights can become living room, kitchen or bedroom lighting.

Let your imagination run free and have fun with the lighting in your home.


Space saving furniture from old car parts.


The tiny house movement that has gained in popularity may be a bit too extreme for you.

An alternative housing choice is small home living. When you research the benefits of living in a small home, you may be motivated to downsize in order to enjoy those benefits.

Decorating a small home requires some creativity. Space-saving furniture is a must.

You can bring your affinity for automotive décor into a small home by using a tailgate as seating, a dining table or a desk.

It can be lifted up and out of the way when you’re not using it.


Don’t overlook the small parts.


Car part waste basket.

You don’t have to create large home décor items to make a design statement. A few small projects placed throughout the house is a great way to carry your car parts theme into every room.

For the bathroom, you could make a toilet paper holder from a brake drum and camshaft.

Gears could be used as cabinet and drawer hardware in the kitchen, laundry room or bedroom.

Bookends made from rods and pistons would be a nice addition to family room or bedroom décor.

Car handles would make a great coat rack for the foyer.

There’s an almost endless number of ways you can use old car parts in your home décor. The size of the parts you use and the complexity of the projects are totally up to you.

If you are new to DIY projects, you might want to start small and simple and progress to larger more complex projects as your skills improve.

There’s also the option of purchasing decorative items other people have made using old car parts.

If your DIY skills are limited, you can simply rely on your ability to seek out unusual decor items that will become statement pieces and conversation starters in your home.