We love fresh fruit and vegetables, but HATE the waste.

We love fresh fruit and vegetables, but HATE the waste.

Buying fruit and vegetables is a gamble, but one way to hedge your bets is to use Debbie Meyer’s green boxes.


DM Greenboxes

Debbie Meyer’s green boxes.

Unlike packaged foods, there’s no ‘best before’ date giving us an idea of how long the items have been on the grocery shelves.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve purchased fruit and vegetables because they looked pretty good on the shelves, but the next day, some of them have to be thrown away because they’re already going bad.

One day, I cleaned out my vegetable crisper drawers in the fridge, and had to throw out half of what was in there. The grocery shopping is usually done once a week, but most of it didn’t survive three or four days.

How could I have my fruit and vegetables last the entire week until the next grocery trip?

After seeing the commercials for Debbie Meyer’s Ultralight green boxes numerous times, and wondering if they were worth the cost, I finally broke down and ordered a set.

I was amazed! That first week, everything I put in the containers lasted the entire week, and it’s been the same every week since. As a matter of fact, they were preserved so well, we were able to buy less the next week.

Now, as soon as the groceries come in the door, I get to work peeling, cutting, or chopping and placing the finished items in the green boxes. As a bonus, we found we were eating the vegetables much more often as they were already prepared and ready to eat or cook in the containers.


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