Make the best of your home and encourage family time.

Make the best of your home and encourage family time.


As the kids grow up, it can be harder and harder to get them to spend some quality time at home with the family. It’s only natural, they are becoming more independent and want to spread their wings a little.


However, you can help encourage them to spend at least some time at home by ensuring that the environment in which they live is a fun and pleasant one.


Here are some ideas to make the best of your home and encourage family time.


Home cinema.


Home theatre.

A great way of getting all of the family together no matter what their ages are, is to all sit-down and watch a movie together. Add in a few snacks like popcorn and malt balls, and you have a movie night experience.

But you can go even further than that, by converting a room in your home into a cinema.

The first items you will need are a projector and screen, which will allow you to watch your movies on a big scale. Home cinema owners often find that the addition of reclining comfortable chairs add to the experience too – as does the installation of a popcorn machine.

For those concerned about organization it might be a good idea to install some shelving to hold your collection of Blu Rays.

Another option is worth bearing in mind that most folks just stream their media and movies online now, from services such as Netflix.


Garden kitchen.


Another fantastic way of encouraging your older kids to stay at home for the odd evening is to invest in a garden kitchen.

Who doesn’t love an alfresco party with food?

Just image the scene. You can all sit around the table while the designated cook for the day whips up some masterpieces on the grill like steaks and kebabs.

You can go the whole hog and have a full outdoor kitchen installed with work surfaces and built in appliances including a warming oven and grill.

If you are working on a tighter budget why not just invest in a good quality grill, and a nice lawn set for your garden?


A pool.



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Now, something that is bound to get all the kids running home, especially during the summer time, is having a swimming pool installed in the garden.

Is there really anyone that can resist a cooling dip in the pool on a hot summer’s day?

Add a few sun loungers and shades, and you have a very pleasant day at home with the family all set up.

You can be pretty sure that even when they move out and have kids of their own, they’ll be coming back to grandmas, often for a pool party!

Choosing the type of pool to get can be a little tricky, though. That is why it is best to ask a professional company like the ones available from Neave Pools, for their advice. Then you can be sure that you are getting the right size and shape for your yard.


Games room.


Games room.

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Of course, if your older kids are less outdoorsy a good solution to get them to spend time at home is to convert a room in your home into a games room.

What you put in there is, of course, you own choice, but popular selections include air hockey and pool tables, or flat screen TV hooked up to their favorite consoles for video games.


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