Tips for making your home look unique.

Tips for making your home look unique.


Who wants a home that looks the same as every other one on the street?


I know I don’t!


Making your home look unique can make coming home after a long day a joy.


Plus, you’ll love showing guests around as they marvel at the place where you live.

Use the following tips and tricks to make your home stand out from the crowd.
This pic is of our own living room. It shares the accent wall with the dining room. I’m happy with the ‘tomato soup’ red I chose as it minimizes the dated appearance of the fireplace. Using inexpensive trim, Mark installed the vertical panels framing the fireplace.
Living room with wide plank flooring.


The following is our own dining room. I guess it’s pretty obvious I love warm colors and natural wood.
Our own dining room. I guess it's pretty obvious I love warm colors and natural wood.


Show your personality.


One of the best ways to make your home look unique is to show your own personality.

If there’s an activity you enjoy, a theme or an era, try to show it off in your home.

Find things that relate to them and display them in a way you really love.


Eclectic decor.


Be eclectic: Don’t use matching furniture.


Rather than purchase matching furniture like everybody else out there, mix things up.

Keep the same kind of style or color scheme, and then have fun with the rest of it.

Mixing your furniture can actually look better than matching it if you do it properly.


Use a little color.

photo source


Use a little color.


Don’t be boring; inject some color into your home decor!

Have fun using your favorite colors in your decor, with the help of plants, cushions, and other accessories.

You can find plenty of noncommittal ways to include color in your decor.


Wall art.


Bring home souvenirs.


When you go on holidays or traveling, bring home souvenirs and display them.

And by souvenirs, I don’t mean kitchy hawaiian hula bobble dolls.

Buy something great that reflects the locale such as artwork, textiles, etc.

If you find something really different and interesting, make sure you show it off!

This will set your home apart from the rest and you’ll get lots of questions from your guests!


Bold bathroom.


Be bold in the bathroom.


The bathroom is a really good place to get creative and incorporate color.

Don’t be afraid to be bold!

Unique Vanities has a few different fixtures and fittings you could use to make your bathroom stand out. Incorporate bright colors, tiles, feature walls, and other interesting elements.


Quilt hanging.


Make your own decor.


Why not make a few things yourself to add a personal touch?

There are lots of tutorials online, from DIY vases to patchwork quilts.

Why not create your own artwork from uniquely cropped photographs.

Nobody else will have anything like it, so you can be sure yours is unique.

Many of these things are really easy to make, and you’ll enjoy having projects to do.

Great for rainy days and when you’re trying to budget!


Children's artwork.

Put your children’s artwork in a frame.


If you have children, you’re probably used to getting gifts of lovingly crafted pictures drawn just for you.

Instead of using a magnet to stick them to the fridge, frame them!

They are unique and can be displayed in the hall, in your bedroom, or just about anywhere else you like.

They’ll be so proud that their drawing made it in a frame!


There’s nothing better than having a unique home.

It’s the perfect way to show off the personalities of the people living in it, and will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable: just like your home should!

Any ideas or tips of your own that you’d like to share? Be sure to leave a comment below!


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