Manage your health your way and renovate your life!

Manage your health your way and renovate your life!


There is no definitive guide or manual on getting fit and healthy. There is no one overarching way to boost one’s health except to manage your health your way.


Everyone has different demands, needs and desires when it comes to their health. So, if one health-boosting technique hasn’t worked for you, don’t be discouraged. Find the health-boosting techniques that are tailor made for you.


To get you started, here are some alternative health-boosting techniques.


Ease into your new healthy lifestyle.


What might have been holding you back from being the healthiest possible version of yourself in the past may be rushing into things.

Yes, this might have worked for your friend.

Yes, your friend may have had results.

But, if it hasn’t proved to work for you in the past, then don’t do it.

The next time you want to clean your lifestyle up and make it far healthier, try easing yourself into it instead.

Avoid all ‘cold turkey’ techniques such as drinking or smoking (or both), from your life completely. Don’t put yourself in a position that will make you far more likely to fail.

Your impulse to return to old habits will make you want to give up before you’ve even started.

You will feel a desire like no other that pulls you back towards the thing you gave up.

This first hurdle in your new health kick is one that you’re very likely to fail at, no matter your will power. So, ease yourself into giving them up instead.


Trade one bad habit for a good habit.


To use the examples of drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, that you would gradually start by cutting down by having one less each day.

With alcohol, this means going to the pub one less day every week. You’ll find yourself having gone through a week and still feeling comfortable.

Or, this means having one less cigarette every day until you find a whole day has passed and you haven’t had the desire to smoke.

When easing into a new, healthier lifestyle, replace your unhealthy habit with something that mimics it.

With alcohol, switch from normal beer or wine to non-alcoholic. They taste and look the same but don’t include the alcoholic ‘badness.’

With smoking, switch from cigarettes to vape smoking, but only if the vape comes from a reputable seller. There are numerous sellers online including This would be a far healthier way to get your smoking fix.

Basically, it’s about embracing the placebo effect and allowing your brain and body to your new way of living.


Adopt healthier habits that don’t break the bank.


Pack healthy, hearty snacks.

Your friends and family may have found success in their health ventures by paying large amounts of money in order to do so.

Spending money on everything from gym memberships to supplements may have worked for others, but that doesn’t mean that it would work for you.

Avoid expensive protein drinks or even expensive foods. Simply embrace healthier items such as green tea and fresh vegetables. By embracing green tea for one, you certainly would not be breaking the bank and you’d be getting value for the money you do spend. The biggest contributor to a healthier you would be all the benefits of green tea.

The important molecules in your body would be protected thanks to the flavonoids in the tea. Your brain function would be improved, weight loss would be far easier, and your chances of getting cancer would be lowered.

You can even continue your health and fitness venture while not going to the gym. There’s no need to invest in gym memberships and workout attire because you can work out in the comfort of your own home.

One trick is to start by using your bathtub as a piece of gym equipment. Indulge in some core strength training by using it to do planks, press ups and push ups. Then, once you’re done working out, draw yourself a nice hot bath to relax in!


Try a different kind of diet.


As mentioned (probably countless times at this point), different things work for different people. This is even more true for diets.  Different diets work for different people, too.

Don’t be disheartened to see a friend of yours succeed in a diet you’ve tried. Instead, switch your diet up completely, perhaps to a diet that is low in carbohydrates, but high in fat.

Yes, you read that correctly. Switch your diet to one that is high in fat. An LCHF diet trains your body into burning fat for energy, rather than carbs. To see just how LCHF diets work and how you can get the best out of one, read this helpful article.

If you’ve struggled to boost your health and fitness, then renovate your life and adopt a far healthier lifestyle.


Published by Christine Blythe

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