Menopause + Depression + Stress = Poor Memory


photo credit: LyleSMU102

I’ve been struggling in many ways lately. My short term memory has been horrible and my ability to learn new things is nonexistent. I need to redo tasks three or four times to remember them and even then if I don’t do them on a regular basis I quickly forget them. I’ve been putting all of this down to menopause, aging (now 52) and dealing with anxiety, depression and being on sick leave from work.

I’ve been extremely down on myself because of the changes I’ve noticed. However, I checked out this wonderful, fun site for the Cognifit Brain Fitness Program mind training and was rather pleasantly surprised at my assessment.

It is rather lengthy and some of the tasks were more challenging than I’d expected. I ranked as just above average for all users at the end of it. However, my suspicions were correct and I ranked in the negative for short term memory and hand-eye-spacial coordination and planning. My assessment in a couple of the other areas was pretty good and brought the overall mark up.

I know I still have issues with memory and learning, but it’s good to know that I still rank in the average group overall. I wonder where I would have ranked prior to these issues? Perhaps I was smarter than I thought???

Published by Christine Blythe

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