Moving house: Here’s how to handle it like a pro.

Moving house: Here’s how to handle it like a pro.


Moving house can be very stressful.


They say that buying the home is the hard part, but the upheaval of moving your life from one home to another has to be the hardest part. It can feel like a never-ending process, especially if you’re moving across states and even venturing into a new country.


For those of you facing such a move, here are some tips to handle the moving process like a pro. The quicker you are in, the quicker you can relax and begin to enjoy the new chapter in your lives.


Start packing as soon as possible.


The sooner you start packing, the better organised you will feel. There is nothing worse than moving day creeping on you and thinking that you have too much to do.

‘Little’ and ‘often’ are the key words to describe how you should be packing things up. This will allow you to stay organised and think about the process, making it a much easier transition from home to home.

Leaving things to the last minute can mean rushing the packing stage, which in turn can leave you feeling disorganized in your new place.


Label the boxes.


Label moving boxes.

Label moving boxes.

When you begin packing, decide where you would want things to go in your new house. Try and pack those items in the same box and then label that box.

This way, when you move you’ll know exactly where to unload that box too, making it much easier to unpack.

Take it from a military ‘brat’ and wife, the more detailed you are in your labeling, the easier the task of unpacking will be. If you intend to take your time unpacking in the new home, it’s handy to know exactly where to go for needed tools, dishes, utensils, etc.

You think packing is tough? Unpacking is just as hard.


Pack essentials separately.


You have to think about moving logically.

Packing essentials in a box that you know you will need immediately is an excellent idea. Are you campers? Think of it like camping and pack things like a kettle, a few cups, tea bags or coffee and so on in that special box.

The first think you will want to do is make coffee, tea or cold drinks when you arrive, especially if you have hired professionals or have some friends and family to help.

Oh, and be sure to add your favorite candles, towels and toiletries. Nothing makes you feel more at home than a lovely candlelit bath after a hard day’s work.


Pack fragile items with care.


Newspaper roll ends.

Newspaper roll ends.

The first thing we worry about in a household move is the well-being of any valuables – dishes, antiques, etc.

For the smaller items, use all of the smaller towels and linens in your linen cupboard to wrap them well so they’re not chaffing directly against each other.

Another tip is to go to your local newspaper office and buy roll ends – the last few inches of each newsprint roll after a printing run. These make great packing materials.

Bonus! The roll ends are great for drying windows so they’re streak free after cleaning.

For the larger items, use the larger linens such as comforters, bath sheets, sheets, etc. for padding around them when loading the truck.


Overnight bags are a great idea.


Keep your overnight items separate from everything else.

A good idea would be to pack a suitcase full of clothes and accessories – enough to last a few days. This will take the stress out of searching through boxes while you settle into your new home.


Get professionals if needed.


Professional removalists.

Professional movers.

If you have a lot to move or feel that it is too much of a task for you to take on, then consider hiring professional removalists to help you get the job done. Often they provide transport, packing supplies, storage services, and plenty of muscle for the heavy lifting, leaving you to worry about yourself, your family and the essentials.

For long distance moves, the storage services are a must. They can store your belongings until you arrive, should you decide you’d like to make a vacation out of your trip for long distance moves. We’ve always done this and found that taking our time and making a family adventure out of the travel allowed us to thoroughly enjoy the process.

Traveling with kids is so much easier when you’ve allowed time to stop and ‘smell the roses,’ ‘see the sights,’ and partake of the different cultures and cuisine.


Many hands make lighter work.


Many hands do make lighter work, so recruit as many friends and family to help out as possible.

Even if all they do is occupy your children or make drinks for everyone, this will leave you free to concentrate on the tasks that are most important to you.

It also helps if friends and family can contribute food ‘potluck’ style to relieve you of the burden of preparing meals.


Try not to stress about it.


Finally, try not to get too stressed out with the process. Removing the need to rush and high pressure makes moving so much easier, and before you know it, you’ll be all unpacked and able to enjoy your new home.

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