My empty nest ain’t so empty after all…

My empty nest ain’t so empty after all…

…and that empty nest is remaining full thanks to my pets.


Monsieur Bob the relaxed cat.

Fluffy Bob

Are you sick of reading about my crazy pets? If so, I do apologize, but that’s not going to stop me from writing about them.

Living in a household where I spend the majority of my time on my own because my husband is working all day and my kids are usually not home, or rarely poke their noses out of their rooms when they are  home, the void is filled with our pets.

The few lighthearted, laughter filled moments of my day are usually the result of the antics of either Bob, Mew, Frankie or Oliver – or a collective group of them. They don’t even have to try hard.

Oliver and Frankie on the couch.

Frankie and Oliver.

This morning, I got the pot of coffee brewing while Mark slept in, and I put the dogs (Oliver and Frankie) out.

Once the coffee had finished brewing, I poured myself a mug and went to the door to let Oliver and Frankie in. They were both already at the door looking in, waiting for me to decide to let them back in, when suddenly Frankie took off running to the far corner of our back yard between the tall cedar hedge and the bushes in our garden. He completely disappeared from sight, but a few seconds later I saw a dark blur dive (or fall?) from near the top of the tall cedar hedge to the spot where I assumed Frankie ended up. Then, after some rustling of the bushes, Frankie appeared running out of the garden with Bob on his heels, chasing him. Suddenly, Frankie stopped and turned, engaging Bob in a gentle wrestling match.

Miss Mew

Miss Mew looking pretty while naughtiness bubbles just under the surface.

For some reason, Bob really likes to play with Frankie and Oliver. Can someone explain to me why our cats can’t be in the same room together while either of them can play with the dogs with no problem?

As a matter of fact, Oliver is the self-appointed referee. Amazingly, he understands the nuances of Bob and Mew’s rocky relationship. As soon as Mew makes even the tiniest motion towards Bob, Oliver runs between them and barks sharply at Mew – ‘heading her off at the pass’.

Most people would consider my life to be somewhat uneventful and boring – except for my pets. Would you rather I wrote more about myself? I don’t think so…

Published by Christine Blythe

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