The older I get, the more I wonder where my mind wanders off to…

The older I get, the more I wonder where my mind wanders off to…


Motherhood…   Aging…    Menopause…   Distraction…   Stress…   Exhaustion…    Depression…


All are known and accepted causes of increasing memory loss and all are conditions I have and do experience.

I’ve know for quite a while that I’m having increasing memory issues, indicated by the ‘symptoms’ I’ve noticed, which include:

  • Habitual list-making, only to forget where I put the list.
  • Starting every sentence with, “I hope I haven’t already told you this, but…”
  • Choosing to forgive and forget the small debts of our children rather than go through the frustration of trying to keep track of it all.
  • Using the television PVR’s timer to remind me to switch to my favorite program at the right time.
  • Asking my kids to remind me prior to any event or other thing to which I’ve committed for them.
  • And, last but not least – and the most disturbing to me:
  • Starting a delicious smelling, freshly brewing pot of coffee, placing my empty mug near the brewer in anticipation of that lovely first cup while cleaning the kitchen and loading the dishwasher – only to go back once the coffee has finished brewing, and realizing in humorous resignation and frustration that I had placed the clean coffee mug in the dishwasher with the other dirty dishes. (This happens almost every morning).

I think I’ll start placing my mug right on top of the coffee maker. Do you think that’ll be enough to jog my (at best) lapsing memory?


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