Our amazing grilled seasoned BC salmon dinner from the Fraser River.

BC salmon dinner.


Mark makes the most amazing grilled seasoned BC salmon dinner with salmon caught in the mighty Fraser River in our own back yard. He usually serves it with garden fresh peas, green beans and carrots.


grilled seasoned salmon dinner
Just feast your eyes on the delicious grilled seasoned salmon dinner with garden fresh vegetables my darling husband made. (Click image for full size view.)

Just have a peek at the Facebook post Mark did of his photo of the meal, and I’m sure you’d feel the same way.

I love it when we have salmon dinner because Mark does a much better job cooking it. Maybe that’s because he’s a Fraser Valley boy born and bred?

Thankfully, he enjoys cooking this as much as I enjoy eating it. A close second to this dinner is his BBQ grilled salmon dinner.

For the salmon, he seasoned it with lemon pepper and baked it for about 25 minutes at 350 degrees. The vegetables were done the usual simple way.

Fraser River
Fraser River

I always look forward to salmon season because I thoroughly enjoy the result of his efforts.


photo credit: Fraser River, Fraser Canyon via photopin (license)

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