Our crazy pets: Sometimes words just aren’t enough…

Our crazy pets: Sometimes words just aren’t enough…


In past posts, I’ve tried to describe the bond and antics of our dearly beloved pets, but quite often the words failed me.


Our cats Mew and Bob are not patient. When they tire of waiting at a door for someone to let them in, they climb up to our second floor deck off the family room and sit there meowing. Being outside of course, we can’t hear them through the deck doors and sometimes it takes the dogs to go to their rescue and draw our attention where it’s needed.

This time, however, I did get video of Bob on the deck trying to get in. The only thing is, as I opened the door to let him in, Oliver went out on the deck and I couldn’t convince him to come back. So, after a while when Oliver did decide he wanted in, I grabbed video of him in the same position Bob had been.

Here are the videos:

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