Chilliwack: Our little corner of the world, both broad and minute.

Chilliwack: Our little corner of the world, both broad and minute.

It’s amazing to me how often I awake in the morning to the same view in Chilliwack, but it never looks the same twice. There’s always something new, different or surprising to take notice of.


The Broad View of Our World

Mt. Cheam Sunrise

Chilliwack sunrise over Mt. Cheam.

One morning I went onto our deck to see a glorious sunrise with the bright sun glowing vibrantly through a great fir tree while bathing the silhouette of Mt. Cheam and neighboring mountains in a soft glow.

Too bad about all the power wires and rooftops encroaching on that wonderful view.

The Minute View of Our World

Fuzzy White Caterpillar

Long-haired white caterpillar.

A couple of days prior Mark was working in the garden when I suddenly heard Mark call out, asking for the camera. He took this great image of a beautiful, furry, ivory colored caterpillar.

I did a search on the internet but was unable to find anything even close to the description, and therefore I was unable to identify it. If anyone knows what this is, we’d love to know.

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