Overcoming the challenges of adulthood.

Overcoming the challenges of adulthood.


When we are kids, the one thing we seem to want more than anything is to grow up.


We see our parents making decisions for us. We see them staying up late and doing everything that we want to do; and we think “when I grow up, I’m going to do this, and that, and never do this…” 


We can persuade ourselves that, when we’re older, we’ll have it all figured out, but rather than panic and be disappointed when we realize we will never have it all figured out, here are some methods for overcoming the challenges of adulthood.


It’s hard to say at what point in life it dawns on us that this isn’t the case.

Parents do an excellent job of getting their kids to believe that they know what’s right and can handle any situation. The truth is, it’s very rare that any adult looks at a tricky situation without at least a little bit of panic.

We do our best to handle most situations, but the big secret is that a lot more of “adulting” is a matter guessing and hoping than anyone realizes.

There are times, though, when guesswork is never going to be enough, and when bigger life decisions come into play.

It is times like these that will be the making of you.

We all doubt our ability to handle the big stuff sometimes, so it’s worth knowing what the issues are and how to deal with them.

How do I handle …


My parents getting older?


My parents getting older.


It’s the situation no one wants to have to face.

Throughout our childhood, we look at our parents as the closest thing to Gods on earth.

They are there to support us, to make us better when we’re ill, and answer our questions.

Then, as we get older, they start to show their frailty.

This is perhaps the ultimate test of how you’ve grown up.

The care that your parents have given you needs to be repaid and you need to make the right decisions on home care.

If you have space, you can take them in, but you likely still have a job to go to yourself.

It may be a case of hiring care nurses to look after them during those times, so they get the care they need.

How do I handle …


A family member in difficulties?


A family member in difficulties


Life is rarely straightforward and simple for long, but this is not always a bad thing.

Promotions at work, winning awards, births and marriages are all things to be celebrated, but they do necessitate changes.

Then there are things life throws at you that you could do without.

Someone you love, with whom you have grown up, or even one of your kids can get ill, have trouble with the law or be in an accident.

The vital thing for you to make sure of is that you are there for them.

Consider speedily, but sensibly, what the best course of action will be.

Provide for them the same level-headed support you would want them to give you.

How do I handle …


My own problems?


My own problems.


We live life day to day – we have to because there is only so much that we can plan.

However, life does not happen in a vacuum, and we will have problems of our own.

We can easily fall ill ourselves, and dealing with daily living is not something that just goes away.

It can seem harsh, but even with a chronic illness you still need to make sure bills are met, and life goes on, as normally as possible.

In these circumstances, it is vital to have someone you can turn to. Whether it be a spouse, a close friend or even an adult son or daughter, you need to be able to depend on their support.

Trying to face life alone, whatever your age, is not something that can work for long.


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