Menopause + Depression + Stress = Poor Memory

I’ve been struggling in many ways lately. My short term memory has been horrible and my ability to learn new things is nonexistent. I need to redo tasks three or four times to remember them and even then if I don’t do them on a regular basis I quickly forget them. I’ve been putting all of this down to menopause, aging (now 52) and dealing with anxiety, depression and being on sick leave from work. I’ve been extremely down on myself because of the changes I’ve noticed. However, I checked out this wonderful, fun site for the Cognifit Brain Fitness

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New Themes for Two of My Three Blogs

So, what d’ya think? I spent all day working on the new themes for my other two blogs and personally, I like the clean look of them. I decided to create my own themes using Artisteer because of the frustration of compatibility glitches causing me to have to create a new theme every time WordPress was updated. Originally I decided to check out the free themes available online. I was so disappointed that there were very few that I liked and when I downloaded the one I did like, it had a virus that caused my entire page to become

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Rain Chains

As the old saying goes, “We learn something new every day.” Well, today’s something new for me is about “Rain Chains“. I had never even heard of them until today. However, in checking online, I learned that these beautiful and decorative chains are very functional as well. They come in a variety of designs, sizes and types and their primary purpose is to “chain rain” (or funnel water) from the eavesdrough of a house and they can replace downspouts. They are definitely more pleasing to the eye than downspouts. One way in which a rain chain would be a huge

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Get Your Education Online

I considered pursuing a certification or degree as an Archivist online because of my strong interest in genealogy and historical records and documents. I’m too old and entrenched to uproot and move to attend a university or college and I was hoping to find online courses programs. I thing online training is an ideal option… Get Your Education Online was originally published on

Perils of Blogging

Today I decided to go through plug-ins and widgets and install several that I thought would enhance my website. After installing and activating them all, I noticed that my sidebar had dropped below the post section and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. So, I did some research and discovered a forum where another blogger said they had accidentally inserted a ‘more’ tag and once she had removed the ‘more’ tag, her sidebar moved back up. My husband would probably say ‘ Oh no!’ to this, but my mind went ‘click’. I remembered

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It’s the Little Things that Matter…

I’m sitting here blogging in my cluttered, lived-in family room thinking about all of the things we’d planned to do to our house that are unfinished. We’re in a tough position financially right now because I just went on sick leave from my job with the federal government and our income has essentially been cut in half. I’m amazed at how I’m managing to feed my family, pay the bills and keep things current on this income. Then again, my starving single days were definitely good training for this. The big downside for me is that we had a lot

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Finding a Website Host

I write three blogs. This one, another called ‘Feathering the Empty Nest‘, in which I discuss the issues and stories of dealing with late mid-life and preparing for the empty nest, and another called ‘Top Web Blog Tips‘ on which I discuss blogging, writing, troubleshooting websites, finding a website host and services, and using WordPress.… Finding a Website Host was originally published on