Pet Ownership: Ignorance is Fear

Pet Ownership: Ignorance is Fear

Frankie Relaxing on MarkTwo days ago, Mark took Frankie to the groomer to be clipped.

When Mark brought Frankie back home, all seemed well except Mark said he was told by the groomer that Frankie “talked a whole lot”. Now, I didn’t think much of this at the time because of the phrasing. Both Frankie and Oliver tend to grumble and whimper when they want something or want to get our attention.

I did notice that Frankie smelled very strongly of the shampoo that was used. Although it has been strong and bothered my allergies in the past, it was particularly bad this time. When I commented on it, Mark said the groomer had to give Frankie a flea bath because she found fleas on him. We were told that the fleas are quite bad in our area and even the liquid flea killer we use doesn’t always work.

Frankie seemed a little subdued after returning home, but we didn’t worry too much because he can get quite stressed out in unusual situations. A tell-tale sign is a lack of tail motion, and his tail never wagged once after returning from his appointment.

Around supper time, Mark found that Frankie had vomited in the television room. He cleaned it up and we started keeping a more watchful eye on him. Throughout the rest of the evening, we found several small vomits, getting progressively smaller and clearer with each one. Just as we were preparing for bed, I let the dogs out and happened to be watching when I noticed that Frankie seemed to be struggling to have a bowel movement. I did notice a dark spot on his hind end and assumed he had a bit of diarrhea, but when I wiped him down before letting him back in the house, I discovered that it was a mixture of mucous and blood.

I panicked and called for  Mark, describing what had occurred. We quickly came to a decision to telephone our vet at Sardis Veterinary Hospital. I guess my panic showed in my voice and manner as the vet had to ask me to repeat what I was saying while trying to describe the situation and Frankie’s condition. Once he had a clear picture of it all, he informed us that a discharge of mucous and blood was common in dogs suffering from stress, trauma and/or upset. Thinking back to Frankie’s very vocal enthusiasm when Mark reached for the leashes, I can only assume that he had himself so wound up and excited that when he realized he was being left at the groomer’s instead of going for a walk, it was more than he could handle.

The vet advised that we give Frankie a dose (1/2 tablet) of Pepto Bismol – not the liquid or chewable tablets, but the caplets. Soon after giving Frankie his first caplet, we did notice an improvement and didn’t have to deal with any vomits or accidents all night. Yesterday morning we gave him another dose and have noticed him steadily improving. It was fairly obvious he was improving when we noticed his tail wagging when spoken to.

I knew for sure he was better this morning when he came to me as soon as I got up and started to spin in a circle, his tail wagging. Frankie’s favorite play is to spin when we give the corresponding hand gestures, but this time he didn’t even wait for the gestures.


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