Princess Books offers the perfect Christmas gift for your little princess.

princessEvery little girl dreams of becoming a princess. Parents can help spur the imagination of their daughters by purchasing children’s books associated with princesses. However, Chronicle Books provides parents an opportunity for parents to make personalized princess books for their daughters.

The princess book follows a classic fairy tale structure with each page catered to the little girl. Chronicle Books will make the girl’s name as the main character’s name and place her name on the front cover. Other personalization details include adding places she knows, people she is familiar with, and other biographical information to the story. Parents can even add a picture of their daughter to the book. In addition, Chronicle Books will print every page to the girl’s favorite color. This way, the girl is able to follow along to a story that she will feel represents her. Her imagination will run wild reading about a princess story with her name and other details she is familiar with. She will read about her adventures and her lavish lifestyle as a princess in a world reflecting around her.

When ordering a personalized book, Chronicle Books will give the consumer step-by-step instructions to inputting information, pictures, and the girl’s name to the personalized order. When the order is processed and the formatting is complete, Chronicle Books will ship the book to the family in 5 business days. After that, the girl will have a 24 page book that will be her own princess tale.

Published by Christine Blythe

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