Remembering Lester the Lobster

Remembering Lester the Lobster

I have no idea why, but a picture of a colorful frog on my Facebook feed reminded me of a one-time pet of ours we called Lester the Lobster.


Lester the Lobster

Lester the Lobster

Now, Lester wasn’t a lobster.

In fact, he was a crayfish our kids caught in a bait trap while we were camping and fishing at Mud Lake. An amusing picture of a frog on my Facebook feed reminded me of a frog fishing incident I wrote about previously and that’s where my mind connected the two.

I have no idea, and I gave up trying to figure out how and why my mind works in certain ways a long time ago.

Shortly before the kids found Lester in their bait trap, Erin had received a small starter aquarium from her Aunty Feather and Uncle Honeypie for her birthday. We got her a goldfish that she managed to keep alive in it for a few months, before she woke one morning to find it floating upside down. We cleaned out the aquarium after disposing of the fish down the toilet and put the aquarium away in the closet.

On the day we found Lester, the kids checked the bait trap for minnows they could use for fishing, and instead found this single crayfish.

The kids insisted they wanted to keep the crayfish, so the first thing they did was name him ‘Lester the Lobster’.

We kept him in a bucket until we could get him home and move him into the aquarium.

I didn’t expect him to survive, to be quite honest, but the kids promised to do their best to look after him – and they did.

The proof of their efforts was in the fact that Lester lived for over two years and shed his shell two or three times.

Then, one day, Erin awoke to find Lester had died.

Both kids were pretty upset as we all looked upon Lester with great fondness. He was a constant source of fascination and amusement.

Mark had the idea that we could give him a burial ‘at sea’ – so to speak. It was a cloudy, drizzly day and we drove to the Trent River where we all held a moment of silence before releasing Lester into the river and watching him float downstream.

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