Roofing problems you should be looking out for.

The roofing problems you should be looking out for.


We all have a roof on our house, and we’ve probably all experienced problems with our roofs before.


There are all sorts of roofing problems you should be looking out for as a homeowner, and here are a few of the most common.


Build up of water next to the chimney.


When your roof slopes and then stops at your chimney, it tends to create a small pool of water that builds up and just sits there.

This is a big problem for your roof.

The buildup of water will start to erode and damage your roof, so it should be dealt with swiftly as soon as it’s noticed.

Chimney cricket.
Chimney cricket.

A chimney cricket is the only thing that can really solve this problem. It’s a very simple barrier that helps to divert the water away from the chimney, making it impossible for the water to build up.


Cracked cement.


Cracked cement.
Cracked cement.

Roofing cement is often used as a short-term fix for cracks in the roof and brickwork, but the problem with this solution is that it won’t help you very much in the long-term.

You should not use roofing cement as a solution because it will eventually crack and cause you even more problems.

Pittsburgh roofers explain it’s important to install proper roof flashing if you want the roof to remain secure in the future.

If you don’t make the switch to proper flashing, you will quickly start to experience leaks and other problems.




Roof leak.
Roof leak.

Leaks can come about as a result of many things, but the most dangerous leaks are the ones that are completely hidden from view.

Understandably, these are the ones that people easily miss, and this means the leaks can develop and worsen quickly, possibly causing much more serious issues such as mold.  This is why it’s important to check not only the roof but also the attic on a regular basis, allowing you to spot any problems quickly.

Dynamic Remodel can help you to fix these leakage problems.


Gutter blockages.


Blocked gutter.
Blocked gutter.

This is probably the most common problem that people face with their roofs.

It’s very common for debris to block the gutters, especially if they are not cleaned out regularly.

Your gutters are designed to keep water away from the foundations of your home. So, if the gutters aren’t working properly, the resulting water damage can cause serious water damage and structural problems for the home.

If you notice that the gutters are not working properly, you should act swiftly to find the blockage and fix the problem.


Broken shingles.


Cracked roof tiles.
Cracked roof tiles.

The shingles on your roof offer protection for what’s underneath, so if they get damaged or cracked, your home could be at risk.

Shingle cracks can lead to birds gaining access to your attic or leaks developing, especially during storms or heavy rain.

Once you have noticed a problem with the shingles on your roof, call a professional to have the damage assessed and fixed.


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