Set out the welcome mat: Create a gorgeous room for short or long term guests.

Set out the welcome mat: Create a gorgeous room for short or long term guests.


It’s not every day that guests come to stay the night, and so most of us go the extra mile to make sure their stay is comfortable. After all, the company’s a treat and it’s nice to be able to spoil your visitors!
Give the place an extra deep clean, making your home all the more refreshing and welcoming. While you’re at it, create a gorgeous room for short or long term guests.


Depending on the length of your guest’s stay, how far should you go? How can you keep up that high level of presentation for anything more than just a couple of days?


Create a pretty room.


Start with the decor.

Most of us use the guest room to store gym equipment, old books and general junk we’re not yet ready to throw out. This can leave the room dusty and unkempt. The walls can get scuffed up, and the flooring can be damaged.

Once you’ve got everything cleared out, you might decide a clean isn’t enough. You need to repaint and replace the flooring – a big job, but is it worth it?


Junk room?


Next, you need to consider the furniture.

If you’ve used the spare bedroom for all your junk, then you might not have formal bedroom furniture in the room at all. Then again, if some of the items stored in the ‘junk room’ are suitable, they could be put to good use in the new guest room.

Maybe you want new items in there.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get nice items for the room. It’s a good time of year to look for furniture in sale events at a fraction of the price. Also check local ‘for sale’ site ads and see if you can find some useful treasures.

There are many ways to save money, yet still create a beautiful space.


Long-term needs.


Now you’ve decorated and furnished the room, you need to think about the long-term needs of your guest.

He or she will need fresh towels and their laundry done during the course of the week. You might also need to refresh the bedding and provide extra pillows or covers for their comfort.


If space allows, create space for computer, TV, etc.


It’s worth considering how they will use the room. If they like their own company, they might be in there quite a bit. Perhaps a TV or computer would be helpful for your guest if there’s enough space?

Dusting and vacuuming are essential, but you can feel uncomfortable about going into the room they are occupying. By letting them know of a set schedule for laundry and cleaning, you’ve overcome the awkward barrier.

Don’t feel shy about imparting house rules. If you don’t like food to be consumed upstairs, tell them. And if you prefer shoes off in the house, make that clear from the beginning.


Finishing touches.



Your guest might not come with much in the way of toiletries – then again, they might come with everything!

Simple things like soap and hand cleansers can be very useful. Try to provide a couple of choices.

Why not add a moisturizer and some extra scented spray?

You might need to replenish toilet rolls and clean the toilet and bath daily. It’s up to you if you choose to leave those cleaning items for your guest to make use of too.


It is possible to create an imaginative, inexpensive and comfortable space for your guests.

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