To get a robot vacuum or not – that is the question…

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a robot vacuum for quite a while now. I even went so far as to suggest it to Mark as the next gift he gets me, whether it be for my birthday, Christmas, etc.

It’s not because I’m lazy (although I do HATE vacuuming). It’s because I’m so frustrated with how quickly layers of dust settle in this house, especially on the floors. I’m tired of dealing with the numerous ‘warrens’ of dust bunnies everywhere and I see the robot vacuum as a possible solution to this problem.

I know nothing of robot vacuums and decided to go looking for some information and I’m very glad I did. Below is a guest article regarding key points to consider when purchasing a robot vacuum. All of the points mentioned in this article would be key to evaluation of a robot vacuum purchase for my household.


3 Things You Should Consider When Buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I have a very strong aversion to vacuuming my floors, but with three cocker spaniels running around the house it is a Dust bunniesjob that has to be done regularly. I did not want the expense of a maid so I decided to settle for the next best thing – a robot vacuum cleaner.

My search began and I was astounded at how many different makes and models there are. After much research and reviewing I made my choice and have written this article to save you some research time.

Below are the main things you should consider before buying your robot vacuum cleaner.

1. What is your real reason for buying your robot?

If like me, you are looking for a quick sweep up once a day to pick up all those loose hairs, then you need a model that has a reasonable battery life and large capacity dust bin. A scheduler is good so you can set it to automatically start every day.

If you have mobility problems, bad back, strength issues then you need to consider the weight of the unit as you will have to carry it if you have any steps. Another good feature to have is a remote control so that you can get it to the area you need easily.

2. Do you have areas that you want to keep off-limits to your robot?

Most robots will have cliff sensors so that they will not fall down stairs etc. If you have other areas / rooms that you do not want the robot to enter you will need to use virtual walls to block them. Some robots come with these included, but others you will have to buy them at an additional cost.

3. Do you want your robot to work when you are not there?

If you want your robot to do a thorough clean while you are not there you need a model that can be programmed to start unattended. It must also have the functionality to go back to its charger and recharge when the battery is getting low and then restart the cleaning where it left off.

If you get clear in your mind what you want out of your robot before you buy it will make your buying decision so much easier. I love Herbert my robot, he never complains or asks for a raise and it is a great feeling to come home to clean floors.

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