Smart tools for thrifty holiday shopping.

The holiday shopping season is right around the corner, and it’s in your best interest to use all of the smart tools for thrifty holiday shopping available to you. Everyone needs to start thinking of ways to fund their shopping outings.
Smart holiday shopping.

Smart tools for thrifty holiday shopping.

Most kids are quite vocal about the specific gifts they want to receive, so planning ahead shouldn’t be too difficult to do.

Payday loans are a great way to get some extra cash in a pinch. They are temporary loans provided for a fee that is either a percentage of the total loan amount or a flat fee. The term of the loan is typically until the following payday, which may be between one week and one month depending on the date of the borrower’s next paycheck.

Do you want to catch the great savings on that one special item and it’s between paydays? It’s easy enough to calculate the cost of the item at regular price vs. the cost on sale with the payday loan fee factored in.

The application process takes a matter of minutes. Very little information is usually needed, such as a social security number or a few pay stubs as evidence of the amount of money made.

These loans can be applied for online or in person at a brick-and-mortar store. Frequently, money can be deposited into a bank account by the following morning.

There are also numerous reward sites that offer cash back or other rewards, and these can be particularly useful and beneficial during the holiday shopping season. They can be used to make sporadic purchases and the rebate or reward cash can be used to fund other purchases. A customer uses a reward site to link to a participating third party vendor and a percentage of the total price of any sale is rewarded back to the customer. To use these services, it’s wise to start in advance as some sites may not reward shoppers until a month later.

The money that is earned on prior purchases will help a customer stretch their holiday shopping dollar. It can also be most helpful for those who need to stick to a tight budget.

Holiday shopping isn’t difficult to accomplish with limited money. Planning ahead and searching for the best deals will help to get a sought-after present for every person on the list.

Other opportunities for maximizing the holiday dollar include auction sites, coupons and signing up for store credit cards to get deeper discounts. To use these cards wisely, plan to pay them off in full so that interest won’t be charged on the purchases.

Use every tool available to manage your money, give great presents and save money in the process!

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